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Author:Alexander Roshal

Latest Version:WinRAR 5.50

Date added:2017-04-24

WinRAR File Archiving Tool

WinRAR is hands down one of the most popular archiving tools available today. It ranks highly as of the first programs people download as soon as they get a new computer.

So, why is WinRAR so popular? Well for starters, most shared files on the internet are archived or compressed to reduce the file size. With this program, you can decrease the size of any file without hassle.

WinRAR also comes with a lot of features which similar programs just do not have. Now, creating and managing archive files is easy as one two three. It can also change from one format to another and it will even repair damaged files. When a file is compressed it goes to its natural format which is rar. According to the company, it can compress files up to 30% smaller than the competition.

Built-in Features

Security: The fact of the matter is that most people don’t need top of the line encryption technology all of the time. WinRAR provides exactly what you need to ensure that your files are safe, without going too overboard. However, that is not to say that it does not have security features. Archives can be protected with passwords and file names can be encrypted.

The amount of control the client has with all things file is truly amazing. The program is great when you start receiving files of other commonly used formats. Other formats it can convert include TAR, GZ, and ARJ.

The main interface consists of an attractive design that is easy and intuitive to use. It contains six menu options: file, commands, tools, options, and help. Underneath these options, there is a list of buttons that offer the user more customizable options. For example, the Add button you will be able to choose between individual files or entire files to be added. You can even control the number of buttons to have by right-clicking and selecting “toolbar buttons”.

The Bottom Line

So, all of these features sound great. But what does it mean to the end user at the end of the day? A typical scenario could look something like this: You have a large file, say 400MB to send to a friend. Well, the problem is that most email services just can’t handle files of that size. Your only option is to consider compressing your file to meet the specifications of your email client. This is where WinRAR can provide true value. It will allow you specify the level of compression you’ll need to comply with the email specs. Once your file has been compressed, you will then be able to send your files without any hassle.

WinRAR is available as a free download, and it is very easy to install.

If you are looking to uncompress or compress files it doesn’t get any easier and faster than WinRAR. It’s one of the most popular file compression utilities out there and it supports many formats, from RAR to Zip and more. It allows you to password protect files and uses industry strength 128 bit AES archive encryption to keep your files safe.

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Title WinRAR

File nameWinRAR.exe

File size2 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages

LicenseFree Trial

Date added2017-04-24

AuthorAlexander Roshal


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