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Date added:20.11.2017

What is VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion allows you to run virtual machines like Windows and Linux on your Mac. In early 2007 Apple merged its technology with Intel products allowing you to use virtual machines and use Windows and Linux operating systems on your Mac.

Easily migrate your Windows or Linux virtual machine from anywhere simply and safely. VMware Fusion keeps your data safe and makes it easy to backup and restore your virtual machine. Fusion takes periodic snapshots of your work making it easy to restore your VM if it gets corrupted.

Keep your Mac safe and use multiple 64bit operating systems at one time. You can easily suspend a virtual machine without ever having to restart your machine.

Develop and Test

Build within a secure sandbox and share local source files and folders. VMware Fusion makes it possible to test almost any operating system and app on any Mac OS.

Design and Demonstrate

Build and demo software solutions in real-time. Run components simultaneously on a single Mac within an entire cloud stack.

VMware vSphere

Connect to your workstation servers and manage your virtual machines. Transfer virtual machine data with the help and support of vShere

Windows Operating System

It’s like running two machines on one desktop. Freely use Microsoft Windows as if it were a separate machine. Install new operating systems on older model PCs and turn them into a virtual machine. File management supports drag and drop so simply pull a file and place it where you need it by dropping it in the correct folder or to your Windows Virtual Machine.

Access USB ports including high-speed disks and video cameras. Drag information back and move information through to any one of your virtual machines.

Use multiple views that best suite your needs or preferences. Use full-screen single window view and Unity view. Fusion makes it easy to move between your VMs efficiently.


  • VMware Fusion Screenshot
  • VMware Fusion Screenshot
  • VMware Fusion Screenshot


Title VMware Fusion

RequirementsMac OS X

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added20.11.2017



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