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Author:Atomix Production

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Date added:2017-06-05

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Virtual DJ Software

Indeed, one of the most well-known DJ software, Virtual DJ, used by millions of professional DJs worldwide. Of course, you don’t have to be a pro to appreciate this high-quality DJ software. Both aspiring and successful DJs have been using the product for years. Atomic Productions, the company behind this world-renowned software, initially launched back in 1996. In other words, Atomic Productions has helped blaze the trail for the digital DJs of today. Endorsed by some of the worlds biggest names, both Carl Cox and Tiesto stand behind Virtual DJ. Hey, if it’s good enough for those two, I mean seriously, they don’t get much bigger than that. That is to say; this software has been at the center of some of the most attended parties in the world.

With that in mind, you can expect the same rock-solid performance as any big name DJ. After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing for two or twenty thousand, the gear needs to work flawlessly.

Since DJs strive to find that perfect mix, their goal is to blend songs or videos, mixed just right fluidly. Cumbersome changeovers make their job harder than it needs to be, software like Virtual DJ are essential tools. It simplifies the process, encourages spontaneity and helps eliminate embarrassing mistakes.

What is Virtual DJ?

Above all, Virtual DJ provides a reliable digital mixing solution to DJs of all levels. As mentioned, the software is used by everyone from the beginner, all the way to the very top performers. While audio mixing is at its core, the software allows for so much more. For example, with traditional vinyl mixing, you use (at a minimum) two turntables and a mixing console. So, if a DJ wanted to add samples or sounds, they would need to plug in an external source. In this case, the DJ would route the external sampler into one of the channels on the mixing console. Since Virtual DJ is a digital software, adding a sampler is done using an add-on, or plugin. Because your audio is using timecode, you can easily sync your samples, dropping them in seamlessly, adding to your mix.

Obviously, Virtual DJ is a digital platform, and not analog. There are some advantages to using a digital mixing console. Most notably is the ability to mix music in the digital format. While nothing beats the warm analog sound of vinyl, it’s a pain to pack around, and it can get damaged. Mixing digital music allows you to pull from any digital source. For example, you might have your music stored on a laptop hard drive, SD card or even CDs. What this means is, you can have thousands and thousands of tracks at your fingertips without the added weight.

Virtual DJ Features

While some features in Virtual DJ are quite advanced, there are many that you can jump right into directly. In time, you will be inspired to take your performance to the next level. And, when you do, Virtual DJ will provide the tools you need. At any rate, this software is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. Also, there is a free mobile app that allows you to control Virtual Dj from your Android and iOS device.

Deck Controls – Here you will find all the features you would expect in a digital audio mixer. You may start and stop your tracks as well as adjust pitch and tempo. Also, you will find things like track info, title, and length.

Deck Indicator – This will show you which deck is currently playing out the (master).

Cover Display – A nice feature that provides a visual reference to the cover art of the tracks.

Title and Artist – Of course, you will see the title and artist displayers next to the cover art.

Waveform and Progress Indicator – These features indeed make digital mixing both fun and precise. An essential tool for cueing up your tune, as well as giving preference to the breaks and the endpoint.

BPM and Tap – Displays the BPM and allows you to match it with the master deck.

Gain & Key – Of course, there may be times where you want a little more control over the mix. Adjusting the gain will raise or lower the output on of the track. Changing the key can provide a nice harmonic blend in your mix.

Time Display – In short, this displays the total playtime of the song as well as the time remaining. Of course, a quick glance up at the Progress indicator will show you exactly where you are.

Virtual DJ Skins, Effects, Samples and More

Honestly, one of the most significant features with Virtual DJ it’s use of add-ons such as Skins, Effects, Samples Packs, Pads and more. Created by the Virtual DJ community, the free add-on features allow you to take your mixes to the next level.

Virtual DJ Skins

There are over 64 unique Virtual DJ skins available for you to download. The Skins give you the ability to customize the look and feel of your mixing console. For example, one of the most downloaded Skins to date is the Virtually Pioneer Skin. It gives your setup a sweet facelift. Modeled after the PIONEER / XDJ-RX, this Virtual DJ Skin gives you the full “virtual” experience of playing on a Pioneer setup.

Check out this Virtual DJ Skin and more by clicking here.

Virtual DJ Effects

Choose from over twenty different audio and video effects, all completely free for you to download. Currently, the most popular audio effect is the Slipbrake8. Created by locodog, this add-on gives you SL1210 emulation with a six beat length preset.

Virtual DJ Samples

At present, there is over fifty-five audio, and video sample packs up for grabs. Audio samples are a great way to show your creativity while mixing your favorite music. Drop in a sic kick drum or layer in a sweet melody, either way, samples open up a world of possibilities. Check out DJ King Rox hard kicks bass loops, one of the top downloads.

Virtual DJ Pads

To give your set a genuinely live feel, have a look at the free Pads add-on features. Pads, allow you to assign samples and loops and effects to the specific buttons on the pads module. In other words, you will have at your disposal, your favorite FX, and samples available with a single click. So if you’re ready to stoke up the crowd and show your skills, have a look at any of the Pads by djdad.

Of course, there are other great Add-on features to help with everything from music library sorting to Midi fixes. Because of the active Virtual Dj Skins community, more and more tools are available every month. Join the community and contribute your thoughts and experiences today.


In conclusion, regardless of your current skill set, Virtual DJ will give you the edge when it comes to mixing. Both professionals and novices from all walks of life use this software to express their creativity on and off stage. There is a massive community which is full of passionate artists just like yourself. Find the answers you’re looking for in the forums, or offer up your personal experiences. Finally, Virtual DJ is entirely free to download and use for home use. Are you ready to take your DJing to the next level? Download Virtual DJ and start laying down those dope tracks!


  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot


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Date added2017-06-05

AuthorAtomix Production


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