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Date added:2017-06-05

Virtual DJ 8 – Software to Help DJs Mix Masterpieces

Mobile and club DJs are always striving to find that perfect mix of music. Their goal is to fluidly blend songs or videos, mixed in just the right sequence. Cumbersome changeovers make their job harder than it needs to be, so mixing software like Virtual DJ 8 are essential tools. It simplifies the process, encourages spontaneity and helps eliminate embarrassing mistakes.

What is Virtual DJ 8?

Virtual DJ 8 is known by the shortened acronym VDJ8 in the traveling DJ industry. Developed by Atomix Productions Inc., it is a range of audio and video mixing software. There are different features designed to organize and save various mixes, plus share ideas and content with other DJs.

Virtual DJ 8 History

The original DJ software, released in 2000, was AtomixMP3. However, with the release of the first Virtual DJ software in July 2003, it was replaced. There were 5 various versions of the original release. Virtual DJ was an in-store version, which later was offered free. Other versions had parts of the first package, with each one offering a higher level of control for users.

Virtual DJ Pro Full was the most elaborate of all the initial offerings and a popular favorite of commercial disc jockeys. In May 2014, Virtual DJ8 was launched, with many of the components of previous versions blended into one software package. Here is a list of features for version 8, some carry-overs from previous releases, many based on suggestions from professional DJs.

Virtual DJ 8 Features

  • Multiple Decks – The last two versions VDJ 7 & 8, both support up to 99 decks.
  • Multiple Skins -Users can choose between 4-deck and 6-deck skins.
  • Grooveshark – Starting with VDJ 6, users could incorporate the NetSearch feature. This allows users to access music and videos from Internet content. The content can be streamed directly to one of the user decks. Since May 2010, this is a subscription option called Grooveshark content.
  • MusicGroups – Also added as part of the Virtual DJ 6 version, MusicGroups is a feature that collects track history so users can publish them using the website Virtual DJ website. Users with licenses to content can build their own single-user groups, or join groups with multiple users. Each individual MusicGroup page has a mini-blog, plus files with played and saved tracks.


Other users can leave comments for other group members and set up a subscription to the group. The MusicGroup feature also analyzes lists and makes mix suggestions based on previous playlists. In essence, it is a way for DJs all over the world to connect.

  • Sandbox – The Sandbox feature is probably the most popular new feature of Virtual DJ8. DJs can be preparing the next mix while their audience is still listening to the current song.


DJs can jump to the end of the current track in the middle of the song, and using headphones only he or she can hear through, blend the perfect transition to the next song. This can be accomplished continually, which means users can incorporate spontaneous changes.

  • Sampler – Virtual DJ 7 had some limitations on the number of samples DJs could play at one time. Version 8 has removed all limitations. Users can play an infinite number of videos, audio files, or still images, all at the same time.
  • Sound Engine – DJs can now do tricks like stretch the pitch, toy with equalizer settings, or apply filters using a synchronized computer. It automatically enhances sound quality.


Looperman is best known for royalty free loops, samples and acapellas. This site is internationally known as a community for DJs and aspiring musicians. Search tracks and follow featured sessions by other Looperman talents. Explore how others integrate Looperman with Virtual DJ to create top-notch professional tracks.




DJs and music professionals have an excellent software tool to organize and perfect their craft. Virtual DJ 8 is the latest version of a longstanding piece of software designed by developers with music production enthusiasts in mind.

Virtual DJ Video Preview


  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot
  • Virtual DJ 8 Free Download Screenshot


Title Virtual DJ 8

File namevirtualdj8.2.exe

File size38 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-06-05

AuthorAtomix Production


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