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Mac Book Pro -Touch Bar Basics for Photoshop

Mac Book Pro Touch Bar Basics for Photoshop

Touch bar basics for the Macbook shows you how to use the quick access tool for Photoshop. The Mac touch bar works as a scrubber enabling the slide to adjust everything from color, effects, clip speed, and length. The Mac Book Pro touch bar uses icons that represent photoshop features and enable the user to quickly access the different modes. Getting to know the icons and their basic functions should help you speed up the use of the program and master time efficiency. All Adobe Creative Cloud Products adopt similar functions and uses. The most important step is understanding the basics of your MacBook Pro Touchbar. From there you will be able to move ahead and learn the Adobe functions.

For Mac Book Pro Basic Functions head over to the Apple Tutorial.

Basic Photoshop Touch Bar Icons

 Toggle Touchbar basics for photoshopThis icon allows you to layer properties and functions.
touchbar basics for photoshopThis icon represents brush widths and paint
touchbar basics for photoshopThis icon is the customizer and allows you to customize the buttons

Many of these icons use the touch bar scrubber. You can easily manage these tools by clicking on the icon of choice and moving your finger from right to left until you find your desired effect.

History and Layers Touchbar Icons

touchbar basics for photoshop
The History Scrubber lets you jump from recent documents and projects. Use this to scroll through thumbnails of your Photoshop documents and files.
touchbar basics for photoshopThis layer icon imports docs and images to currently open projects.
touchbar basics for photoshopThis layer icon opens tools for opacity and visibility.
touchbar basics for photoshopBlend Layer Icon opens tools for blending features.
touchbar basics for photoshopThis clipping mask layer icon makes the layer a clipping mask,
toolbar basics for photoshopThe clipping icon opens up clipping tools and features.

Brush Icons

toolbar basics for photoshopColor Wheel
Brush Size
Brush Hardness
Brush Opacity
Brush Flow

The Touch Bar is fully customizable and user-friendly. These easy to follow steps should get you moving in the right direction.

Basic Mac Book Touch Bar customization steps

  1. Choose an app, program or Icon
  2. Click View in the program menu bar at the top right of your screen.
  3. Click  Customize Touch Bar from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select and drag a tool from the customization panel down toward the bottom of the screen.


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