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Top Free Horror Games

Top Free Horror Games Overview

This blog of free Horror games is for the cheap scare. However, you don’t have to sacrifice a good fright because of the free horror games. As a matter of fact, there are tons of different horror games that are loaded with Halloween treats. Furthermore, we revisit classic jumpscare to eerie gore filled psychological thrillers.

Jump Scare – Free Horror Games

Granny Horror Game

This old lady loves you so much she won’t let you leave. Indie gamers everywhere can’t seem to leave this game alone and to much of our surprise has hit an all-time record high. As a matter of fact, this game really fine-tuned jump scare in the game

Slendrina the Cellar

Everyone is familiar with Slender Man but what many don’t know is that he had an evil counterpart named Slendrina. With that in mind, only the people who successfully collect all eight books that contain her story will be able to leave the dark catacombs of the basement.

Stealth Horror Games – Free Horror Games

Eggs for Bart

If you love the Simpsons then you will probably like this game. This silly Stealth horror game contains really good graphics for what it is. To begin with, Eggs for Bart is a two-part game follows Homer as he searches for eight eggs spread throughout the game. You must sneak out of the house before evil begins to hunt you down.

Hello Neighbor

If you don’t know this game then you better get downloading. This free to demo game has exploded with popularity and has also hit Nintendo fame. Consequently, you find out your mustache bearing neighbor has a few deadly secrets. Unfortunately, he figures out you know and he’s hunting for you. Finally, you must evade him in every way without getting caught.

Gore / Survival – Free Horror Games

North Bury Grove

Make sure you don’t have a heart condition, This game is loaded with gore, guts, and glory. You are Connor searching for your missing friend Baily and you are lost at the Rock the Warehouse festival grounds where a killer lurks?

Final Days

This ain’t finger painting kids! Hordes of zombies want a meal and you seem to be the closest thing to drive through. However, lucky enough you have a really good gun to protect you. Kill as many as you can before they gnaw on you like Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Finally, don’t slip on the carnage on your way out.

In Conclusion

There are tons of free horror games but not all games are for everyone. In fact, many of the gore games are age restricted and if you end up playing them you might go a little crazy yourself. Choose wisely my friends and let the festivities feast on your brains.


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