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Top Four GTA 5 Mods

Top Four GTA 5 Mods

One of the greatest games ever just gets better with these top four GTA 5 mods. However, you need the PC version to take part in many of these GTA 5 Mods. As a matter of fact, You can literally rip the guts from the original game and replace them with some personalization. GTA 5 offer hundreds of different mods such as Marvel, DC as well as hundreds of different automobiles and cool transportation.

Every once and awhile we like to have a look at what the latest mods GTA 5 mods are. In fact, we almost never leave the site without downloading and adding a few. Here are our top GTA 5 picks this week.


Four GTA 5 Mod Downloads
Ford 49 Pack 1.4

This pack developed by GreenAid is the perfect example of what attention to detail is. This pack truly gives the 1949 Ford a realistic touch in modern San Andreas. In fact, you will feel like you are playing the Mafia series. You won’t be disappointed by adding this to your garage of GTA 5 mod cars.

Four GTA 5 Mod Downloads

2018 Porch Panamera Turbo

Created by Duckbruhh92 that not only recreates this amazing car from the outside but also does an amazing job on the inside. As a matter of fact, when driving this car you get a virtually realistic drive that is similar to the real thing.

Four GTA 5 Mod Downloads

PHM Atlantico (Beta)

We can’t wait till this one is fully developed. This GTA 5 Mod is one of the largest mods to date as an American Aircraft Carrier. Additionally, this mod offers single and twin-engine helicopters. These are replicas of the actual Bell Helicopter. The only thing that this Mod doesn’t do is transform into a Decepticon Transformer. Developed by CANAL EMBRAER GTA.

Four GTA 5 Mod Downloads

2018 Ford F-350 Super Duty

For anyone that appreciates the drive of a truck will have a similar appreciation for this one. Moreover, this Diesel drinking beast of a haul offers multiple colors like white, red and grey-blue. Developer Bagged, hit this one on the nose and makes you want to rip around the streets in this tank of a beast.


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This was our latest top four GTA 5 Mods. However, If you are looking for our other picks check out our last GTA 5 Mod Blog here. Do you have a favorite mod that you think we should highlight? Leave the name and link in the comments below.



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