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Author:TeamViewer GmbH

Latest Version:TeamViewer 13

Date added:17.05.2017

TeamViewer Software – Expanding Business Possibilities Using Remote Access

In today’s business world, the need for real-time interaction can be critical. Above all, the ability to transfer files, hold web conferences and online meetings is an essential part of doing business. In fact, TeamViewer is a software package that supplies business with user controls to monitor work, conduct meetings, or work on projects as a collective team.

About The Software

The original TeamViewer GmBH was established in 2005 in Göppingen, Germany. Furthermore, the company handed the rights to a private firm based in the United Kingdom, the North Carolina software developer GFI. Permira also has a supported cloud backup system called Airbackup. Not to mention, there have been over 200 million installations spanning more than 200 countries. Additionally, the software is available in over 30 languages.

What is TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a software program, which provides non-commercial users with a free remote access control. However, there are also premium options available for larger commercial enterprises. Additionally, a business of any size is able to exercise control over various computer systems as if they were sitting in front of the particular station. It links multiple computers using the concept of mirrored monitor images.

The Software is valuable to external business partnerships. Nonetheless, all that is necessary for the system features to function is the starting of an application, which does not require any installation. Not to mention, the most recent version offers remote access control on all Windows operating systems, Mac, Linux, plus Android, Apple iPad and Apple iPhone mobile devices.


  • Requires administrative access to the system to install, but after installation is complete, any user with the correct password can run it.
  • Available to non-commercial users free. There are also Business, Premium and Corporate subscriptions available.
  • Employs an RSA private/public key exchange with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for each session.
  • Schedule meetings in advance
  • Instant chat between all connected users.
  • Real-time mouse and keyboard controls on connected systems.
  • Windows 10 and Chrome Operating System support developed in December 2016.
  • Remote control tabs implemented for macOS users

Team Viewer Mobile Remote Access

With Teamviewer mobile remote access you can now connect from anywhere. Not to mention, mobile access works from anywhere with a 3G or WiFi connection. Equally important, your data is encrypted and safe during connection. Furthermore, connecting is simple and functionality is easy to use making it a perfect tool for everyone. For example, follow the video below to see how to set up remote access with a mobile device using TeamViewer.


The smart program allows businesses to maintain control over any number of computer systems required for daily functions. Moreover, any number of business associations, fellow workers, business partners, or friends can use office software to collaborate on any number of online projects. Finally, the software is full of cool features and best of all, for non-commercial users, it’s free.


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Title TeamViewer

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added17.05.2017

AuthorTeamViewer GmbH


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