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Date added:01.11.2017

TeamViewer 13

TeamViewer 13 is a remote desktop and management software for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices. It allows you to easily connect and manage devices remotely, even mobile ones.

The latest version was just released to the masses and offers many excellent features that expand on the functionality of previous versions.

What’s new in TeamViewer 13?

Here are some of the latest new features in TeamViewer 13 to help make your remote connection and management easier:

iOS screen sharing. While this was released in TeamViewer 12 it is truly supported in 13 so you can view iOS screens in real-time.

Intuitive desktop UI making it easy and faster for you to use the software.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar support provides greater control direct from the much-loved MBP Touch Bar.

Multi-monitor support for Mac allows you to connect and view one or all monitors connected a Mac.

Enhanced remote printing. This only works on supported HP printers for now but stay tuned for more manufacturers supported.

Native for Linux provides a native TeamViewer experience for Linux desktops.

Intuitive file transfer makes it easy to send and receive files during your remote connection.

Instant log-in allows you to quickly login to one or hundreds of devices under your control.

Swiftpoint GT mouse for iOS enables you to quickly interact with remote computers from your iOS devices.

Android app overhaul. The Android app was completely overhauled, providing an easier, more intuitive remote desktop and management experience.

Improved user permission control gives you more granular control of user access levels and settings.

With all of these latest features and even more available you can see why TeamViewer is the most popular remote desktop software available. Now boasting 1.5 billion installations and 200 million active users, TeamViewer dominates and has the resources to continue to expand on an already excellent product.


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  • TeamViewer 13 Screenshot
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Title TeamViewer 13

File nameTeamViewer

File size19.2 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added01.11.2017



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