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TeamViewer 12

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Latest Version:TeamViewer 13

Date added:2017-03-01

TeamViewer 12

See what’s new in TeamViewer 12. TeamViewer provides a secure yet straightforward remote desktop management solution for businesses and individuals alike. With a new focus on cross-platform support, TeamViewer ranks head and shoulders above their competition in the highly crowded Remote Desktop category. Since there are many reasons why we think you’ll love TeamViewer 12, we’ve taken the time to highlight some of the key benefits to get you excited about the product.

New Features in TeamViewer 12

TeamViewer 12 introduces mobile-to-mobile functionality

  • TeamViewer 12 incorporates additional safety features, a more streamlined usability as well as Mobile-to-Mobile remote control and screen sharing across platforms for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Faster and smoother than ever: Transfer files up to 20x faster with up to 200 MB/s and work on high frame rate tasks more smoothly with remote sessions that run at up to 60 FPS
  • Enjoy the best possible connection and quality thanks to significant optimisations that improve the overall speed and responsiveness with adjustments based on your system and network conditions

Faster Transfers Speeds

TeamViewer now allows for file transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s or 20 times over the previous version.

Higher Frame Rate Connection

Seamlessly edit video and high frame rate tasks. Framerates now support up to 60fps.

Support for Windows Phone

For the first time, support for Windows Mobile devices.

Smoother Remote Sessions

Overall improved performance for keyboards, touch, and mouse functions.

Simplified Client Interface

A new and intuitive single window design.

Remote “QuickSteps”

Create useful shortcuts for the actions you use the most saving you time and clicks.

Service Case Notifications

Get instant popup and email notifications allowing you to manage your IT support more effectively.

Service Case Chat

Real-time chat allows you to connect with customers and manage their needs accordingly.

Connection Reports

Recieve detailed reports on all connections and devices at a glance.


In Conclusion, the TeamViewer software gives businesses and individuals a secure method to connect remotely to any number of computer systems, while providing remote access and online collaboration tools that are easy to use. Also, TeamViewer is fully cross-platform and available for both commercial and non-commercial use on Mac, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry, iOS and Android operating systems. Finally, TeamViewer 12 is entirely free to use for individuals and available as a trial version for business customers. Get started today and see how TeamViewer can increase productivity and improve customer service.


  • TeamViewer 12 Screenshot
  • TeamViewer 12 Screenshot
  • TeamViewer 12 Screenshot
  • TeamViewer 12 Screenshot
  • TeamViewer 12 Screenshot


Title TeamViewer 12

File nameTeamViewer

File size15 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-03-01



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