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Stick Fight

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Latest Version:1.2.06

Date added:2017-09-28

 Stick Fight: The Game

Stick Fight is a martial art type of combat game where two or more opponents fight using sticks. In the world of Irish martial arts, it is called Bataireacht. Landfall Games has taken the triviality of nostalgia, matching internet stick people in an exciting new game called Stick Fight. The game relies on procedural animation concepts using the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator system. Landfall game developers Wilhelm Nylund, Pontus Ullbors, Karl Flodin and Philip Westre worked diligently in their spare time, beginning in July 2017. After 3 months of tweaking, this funny game of stick combat was officially released on September 28.

Stick Fight Features

  • Will Work on PC operating systems from Windows 7 up, and also on Mac OS.
  • The game uses 400 MB of memory space and requires a 2GHz processor with a minimum of 1 GB Ram memory.
  • 2 to 4 player format that can be played both local and online. There is not an option for a single player.
  • It is a physics-based combat game with 80 levels of interaction.
  • There are dozens of different weapons, even guns, with gameplay spread over an assortment of randomized maps.

Stick Fight Game Play

  • Players can tinker with the game settings to add different amusing interactions to each contest. The underlying concept of Stick Fight is 2 to 4 rather idiotic people, too dense to settle an argument.
  • With a total lack of conflict resolution skills, the stick figures ultimately resort to beating one another using martial arts sticks to prove themselves right.
  • Weapon availability and the sitemap are random, so players must be paying attention. When a player misses out on a weapon opportunity, it usually means their game time is going to short-lived.
  • Players have a chat board to even further animate each battle. There is the ability to challenge opponents or use comical anecdotes to torment their competitors. Stick Fight is fun as a game, but this feature is very popular with players as an additional way to add uniqueness to each battle.
  • Gameplay environments change in an instant so players must be fast. There is not only the need to defend against the other players but giant rolling balls and sudden drop-offs can quickly send a player to their ultimate demise.

The Bottom Line

Stick Fight seems at first glance to be a rather trivial game. However, it is the senselessness of these stick figures that help enhance the game’s popularity. An attempt at a peaceful resolution to a disagreement develops into a series of battering conflicts using an ancient tool of martial arts. The idea that the combatants are rather ignorant gives Stick Fight an appealing sense of humor. While you can’t actually practice in single-player mode, you can fight it out with friends, or against random stick fighters from around the world.

Stick Fight Video Preview

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  • Stick Fight the game. Screenshot
  • Stick Fight the game. Screenshot
  • Stick Fight the game. Screenshot
  • Stick Fight the game. Screenshot
  • Stick Fight the game. Screenshot
  • Stick Fight the game. Screenshot


Title Stick Fight

File nameStick-Fight.exe

File size200MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-09-28



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    This fast-paced game will keep you wanting more. Definitely, one of my favorites from Landfall Games.

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