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Latest Version:1.30.730

Date added:2017-03-24

What is Speccy?

Newly installed and existing software and hardware can at times cause the PC to slow down. There’s nothing more frustrating and annoying than having an unresponsive PC which takes an eternity to boot and load core functions. If you are a tech wiz, it’s quite straightforward to figure out what’s causing the malfunctions on your Windows PC and most importantly fix them. For instance, to check out the complete system info and the list of running processes, the pros use the CMD prompts; systeminfo and tasklist. But why go through all that trouble, even if you are a tech expert? Wouldn’t it be more convenient and quicker for you to delegate all those technical tasks to a data monitoring widget like Speccy? Of course, it would, here’s why.


Speccy is a utility widget designed for Windows OS versions, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Windows 10. This software got developed by Piriform. It’s compatible with 32-Bit and 64-Bit machines. This app is an efficient tool when it comes to troubleshooting and repairing PCs. Here are the essential info and data displayed on the user-interface of this application:

• Your Operating System specs

• The CPU specs and temperature

• The installed motherboard version and temperature

• Graphics info

• Storage data

• Network statistics


• The application is lightweight and hence it doesn’t consume a lot of hard disk space

• It produces accurate statistics about the overall functioning of your Windows PC

• It’s a free download for Windows 10 users

• The software helps us monitor the motherboard’s core temperatures and voltages

• Capturing real-time screen shots of scanned results facilitates remote support and repairs

• App’s regularly updated by the trusted developers

• A user-friendly graphic interface


• The free download app doesn’t come with a built-in alarm or notification to alert users when issues arise. For instance, when potentially harmful voltage fluctuations occur, the PC owner remains oblivious unless they access the app’s interface. By then, it might be too late and the computer has already suffered irreparable damage.

Free-Vs-Paid Versions

The app is now available in two distinct versions. These are the basic and the professional versions. The latter comes with more advanced features and specifications and that’s why the consumers have to part with $19.95 dollars to buy it. The extra’s you get being a paying client include, advanced PC data and insights, premium support services and the app automatically updates itself.

Bottom Line

Speccy is a remarkably intuitive utility tool for all PC users. The tool’s impressive features and specs ensure you never again have to worry about something going terribly wrong under the hood of your PC without you knowing. The diagnostics and statistics info is displayed in easy-to-understand language. Get this application from Piriform to make faster and correct troubleshooting, upgrades and any necessary repairs.

The widget has been hailed as a reliable and a versatile life-saving utility tool by the millions of consumers who have downloaded it to their various devices. Today, the software has won several notable tech awards, for instance, the Editors Pick Award by CNET. PC World has designated it as a four-star rating software.

Is Speccy Safe?

Yes, Speccy is a safe system monitoring software that will provide you with critical information about your PC computer.

Is Speccy Accurate?

Yes, Speccy provides accurate and real-time analysis of processes that are currently running on your PC computer.

Is Speccy Free?

Yes, Speccy is 100% free for home use. That being said, Speccy is available for professional use which provides advanced PC insights and premium support.


  • Speccy free download Screenshot
  • Speccy free download Screenshot
  • Speccy free download Screenshot
  • speccy free download Screenshot


Title Speccy

File name1.30.730

File size6.3 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesAlbanian, Armenian, English, French (Français), Georgian, German (Deutsch), Hebrew, Hungarian (Magyar), Italian (Italiano), Japanese, Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Portugues), Russian, Spanish (Espanol), Swedish (Svenska), Turkish (Turkce), Vietnamese.


Date added2017-03-24



Previous Versions

Speccy 1.30.728
Speccy 1.29.714
Speccy 1.28.709
Speccy 1.28.708

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