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Sonic Generations

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Date added:2018-02-20

Sonic Generations

Sonic had thought he had defeated Dr. Eggman. The Dr was stranded in the middle of space with nowhere to go. The Dr. finds an opportunity to find his way back in the hope that he can seek revenge on Sonic the Hedgehog. In Sonic Generations,  Dr. Eggman spots crazy creatures that have the ability to eat their way through time and space. Eggman teams up with himself from the past to rewrite history.

Classic and Modern Eggman haunt Classic Sonic while he travels through everyone’s favorite Green Hill. However, the evil duo interrupts modern Sonic’s Birthday party in both presents and in the past, consequently scattering his friends, sending them off to run for their lives.

Modern Sonic finds his trusted friend Tails and notices that they too can move through time using the time holes the Dr. uses for the purpose of time travel. Therefore the two friends decide to search for their classic selves in the hope that they can help save the universe alternatively ridding the duo of evil Dr. Eggman.

Your job is to help modern Sonic and Tails team up with their classic selves to eventually balance the distorted shift in time. Meet old friends and enemies while conquering new levels. In consequence help repair damaged time, as a result, send the two Drs back into space once and for all.

Be The Hero

Choose between classic Sonic or modern Sonic the Hedgehog so order to alternatively once again save your friends from harm.

New Content

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has always shared great stories and content with their players. With this in mind, you must navigate your way through new storylines and gameplay so that you can take back your world.


Revisit old foes and new villains, as a result, your skills will be tested again. Therefore you will be challenged in different ways so that you can alternatively test your skills.

2 Player versus mode

See if your friends have what it takes to stand up the test of time in the hope that they too can be free. Alternatively, take on your friends and earn valuable points while you’re at it.

Street Pass

With Street Pass, you can earn points to unlock new and exciting content. The Street Pass in addition takes Classic Sonic the Hedgehog and blasts you to new levels.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you love Sonic the Hedgehog then, you will love speeding through time again as a result revisiting this classic fast-paced game. If you are looking for other great games have a look at other collections.


  • Sonic Generations Screenshot
  • Sonic Generations Screenshot
  • Sonic Generations Screenshot
  • Sonic Generations Screenshot


Title Sonic Generations

File nameSonic Generations

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RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-02-20



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