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Author:Perion Network Ltd.

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Date added:2017-11-01



Smilebox – Create Cards, Slideshows, Greetings, Invitations and Collages in minutes

Smilebox is an application download that helps enhance graphic creativity. Users can create slideshows, image collages, photo albums plus an endless array of colorfully elaborate projects. One of the most popular features is the ability to share these things across the internet. Smilebox is especially attractive to social media platforms such as Facebook.

Israel-based ad-tech company Perion purchased the app in 2011. The app primarily focuses on simplifying and enhancing creative posts on Facebook and Instagram. However, users can transfer to other social media platforms and emails. Smilebox is becoming widely popular with over 2½ million downloads.


  • Smilebox has thousands of templates to create slideshows, scrapbooks, and specialized greeting cards.
  • Users can select from hundreds of templates for greeting cards, invitations, or photo collages.
  • There are a number of animated effects, which can be incorporated into a project using a single click.
  • Creating a project and sharing it across multiple platforms does not require a log-in.
  • Projects cannot be saved using this option, but it makes a fast and simple way to quickly send a personalized item.
  • Smilebox allows animated clips to be included in videos and on Instagram.
  • A special iPhone – iTunes collaboration makes it simple for these users to make a creation come to life in an instant.
  • Sharing is easy. Users can instantly post to Facebook or Instagram, plus send emails and texts. Viewers are able to immediately reply.
  • Designs are updated every week, with special ideas offered for holidays, birthdays or trending news.
  • There are fun brushes to add an assortment of animations. These can be used to add a colorful flair to a project. There are animals, insects, sparkles and even fireworks. Stickers are an enjoyable way to perk up a photograph, especially selfies. Smilebox allows users to add facial add-ons like mustaches, bushy eyebrows, or funny teeth. There are crowns, speech bubbles and cartoon features that turn an everyday photograph into an amazing work of art.
  • It is easy to repair photographs using Smilebox. There is the ability to alter brightness and contrast levels and crop out unwanted stuff. A magic wand puts a number of quick fixes in the creator’s fingertips.
  • Captions can be added to place emphatic statements into a project. They can be used as a funny clarification for a photograph, or placed within a collage to tell a story. Smilebox provides a way to control sharing options that add even more control than the platform that will be used. The minute a project is posted, the sharer will know who can see, comment, or forward their creation.

The Bottom Line

Smilebox offers an app that blossoms creativity. It makes it simple for users to enhance all kinds of projects, giving thoughtful and engaging personalization. The only thing someone needs to be aware of before downloading the Smilebox app is to do so only from an authentic source. This will guarantee that nothing illegitimate will be attached unknowingly. Smilebox is the perfect way to add personalized uniqueness and creativity and share these things with ease.




Title Smilebox

File nameSmilebox

File size

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-11-01

AuthorPerion Network Ltd.


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