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Secret Neighbor

About Secret Neighbor

The Hello Neighbor universe is about to get bigger with the release of Secret Neighbor. The game was first teased during E3 2018 back in June by the publisher tinyBuild. tinyBuild released the information with a hilarious pre-recorded press conference. The video involved some jabs at the battle Royale craze as well as some pre-alpha multiplayer footage.

Additionally, the game will receive highly anticipated features like the multiplayer capability. However, the most popular addition will be the ability to play as the neighbor. Uniquely, these features have been requested by fans of the game since Hello Neighbor’s original debut.

Secret Neighbor Gameplay

A group of kids breaks into the neighbor’s house to free a friend that is being held in the basement. However, one of your friends is the neighbor in disguise and he will do anything to stop them. Unfortunately, it will take some sleuthing to find the key and the door to the basement. While you search the player that is the neighbor will hunt each kid down slowly eliminating them from the group. In order to win you will need to identify the neighbor as well as find the entrance to the basement. It will take teamwork and puzzle solving in order to complete Secret Neighbor.

Don’t Worry, you aren’t weaponless. As a matter of fact, players can use objects found around the house to defend themselves. Additionally, each player can communicate with each other while playing the game adding a more intimate feel for the game.

Game Features

  1. multiplayer co-op
  2. Voice Chat
  3. object interaction and animation.


Release Date

For some time, There was speculation of a December release date. Fans figured since the original game was released in December then Secret Neighbor would too. However, according to the tinyBuild Discord chat Alex Nichiporchik revealed that there will be a Secret Neighbor Halloween Alpha. According to the Discord feed, Alex posted a 40-second video of the Halloween pumpkin Version of the game. Find the Discord conversation below.

secret neighbor gameplay features and news

The October 31st 2018 release will be for those who signed up for the Secret Neighbor Alpha. Finally, sign-ups will only be open until the actual Halloween release.

How to Sign Up For Secret Neighbor Alpha

Click here to go to the Secret Neighbor. Then, once on the website, you will need to click the button ” Sign up for the Alpha”.

You will be redirected to a form asking for information and email to send notifications to. After you complete the form you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that you are officially signed up for the tinyBuild Secret Neighbor beta.

We are more than certain that thousands of fans and secret fans have signed up already biting at the chomp to play this Halloween. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration to signing up early. It’s been known that some Alpha games hit a max user target and can vanish.

Console Release

The Hello Neighbor game was just recently released on console in July. As of right now the Secret Neighbor Alpha is for PC only and will be produced for other major consoles and iOS at a later date.

Further Information

There hasn’t been too much information revealed for Secret Neighbor. Regardless, we can see from the teaser videos that we can expect the additions to be eagerly welcomed by hardcore Hello Neighbor fans. As a matter of fact, we suspect that these additions could lead to spin off products for the brand.

When you have a brand that actually turns out to be a hit on your hands, it’s very important to one, follow up, because fans really love expansions of your universes, and two, maintain the quality level. – Alex Nichiporchik, co-founder and CEO of tinyBuild   Via : GeekWire

We would like to hear from you and what your thoughts are about the game. Not to mention, if you want to keep up to date the best place for current info would be via the Discord app via the tinyBuild thread.



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