Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get ROBLOX


Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get ROBLOX

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Author:ROBLOX Corporation

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Date added:2017-04-04

Roblox – Build it and They Will Play

Online social gaming is a popular way for gamers to engage in mass multiplayer platforms. To help feed this hunger for gaming creativity, user-generated internet game platforms have flourished. One of the most popular is Roblox. There are now over 56 million users playing every month, making it one of the largest game sharing platforms in the world.

Roblox has developed software that allows users to configure their own virtual reality and create diverse game worlds. Players can join community groups called Friends and Followers. A truly exceptional experience for game developers, allowing them to create their own game environment and build a community of followers using social interaction.



What is Roblox?

The users create every game, if you can imagine it, you can build it. Players can join as a player-only, or use the software to build their own diverse game worlds. Game builders create their own virtual reality, with the ability to introduce unique characters, strategies, and environments. One of the most acclaimed attributes is the open sharing of knowledge and ideas. However, not lost on game development is the concept of offering a secure learning environment, this is the single most defining quality.


How Does it Work?

Gamers begin by signing up for a free account. Each new member gets a portion of what is referred to as real estate. Using this space, they build from a toolbox of features. They are never restricted in their ideas unless something violates a level of common decency promoted by the family-oriented idea.

There are special rewards for gaming excellence, both for players and game developers. These rewards are paid using a virtual currency called Robux. Saved Robux can be used to purchase all sorts of valuable things. There are creative avatars, in-game tools, or developer resources used for building new games.

Because of the development team’s commitment, the platform rapidly became the largest social setting for safe game development. The moderated meeting place is vital to why the game has grown to be such a widely popular development platform.

It is a place where players and game designers can share their unique ideas. It works based on a community model to work with others to achieve a collective goal. Roblox works because they have the best features in a safe environment, working together to attract the most highly skilled gamers.

Roblox Benefits

  • Educational – Roblox’s design is based on Seymour Papert’s “Constructionism Theory”. Using his research performed at the MIT Media Lab, Papert contends that people, especially children, learn better when they are allowed to have a dynamically active role. The whole idea behind Roblox is to foster a fresh learning environment where game developers are free to share their ideas.


Using the Roblox platform, gamers can make simple drag and drop building games, or work on intricate multi-player games. The underlying concept is to promote an educational atmosphere where all levels can learn at their own pace.

  • Family Focused Privacy & Security – Members of the Roblox team sit on the board of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). Security team members stay abreast of technological developments, always looking to improve user security.


Making sure parents feel comfortable allowing their children to experience the adventures on is a priority. They have built a family-friendly, enthusiastic community of gamers, with a place for the youngest of the eager gamers to world-class developers.

Special Options

  • Roblox Studio – The game has a development platform called Roblox Studio. This is a free building tool to create unique game environments. It gives players a true sense of control over their game development, helps bring dreams into game reality. There are skill levels from novice to experienced programmers.
  • The Builder’s Club – To further promote creative imagination, Roblox offers The Builder’s Club. This is a place where users and game builders can enjoy the universal creativity of fellow gamers. The basic platform is always free, but by subscribing to the affordable Builder’s Club membership, gamers can benefit from some additional features.


Game builders can also sell merchandise such as game clothing as part of the Builder’s Club. Members can get a daily Robux stipend that includes access to trading and sales features. There is a DevEx program for aspiring game developers.

The money generated from Builder’s Club subscriptions is reinvested into the development of new features and promoting advancements that benefit the entire Roblox community.

  • The Developers Exchange –This is a place where Roblox game developers can freely exchange Roblox points and Robux for US dollars. Through this exchange, Roblox has paid nearly 7 million dollars to their online community developers.
  • Friends & Followers – To foster a strong sense of community, Roblox has Friends & Followers. This is a venue for the exchange of ideas that help to promote creativity and learning for all player levels. Young aspiring game designers can learn from the experience of others.
  • Roblox Library – Inside the Roblox Library are free game models and scripts to help the novice developer learn new tricks and gain valuable tips.

Main Features

  • Roblox Studio is the game development platform that comes free with the game.
  • Builders Club is available for premium players where they can sell unique clothing.
  • Create specialized plugins for the platform to create unique game features.
  • Free models and game scripts in the Library
  • Advance game creators can employ the Lua language to radically change the game environment.
  • The Developers Exchange that allows users to exchange points into US dollars. The game has paid nearly 7 million dollars to community developers.
  • Smooth Terrain increases graphics quality, allowing developers to build game content that is more realistic.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, which incorporates a standalone launcher built exclusively for Windows users.
  • Games can also be ported to PlayStation4.
  • R15 expanded avatar joint system that provides users with 15 possible options, compared to the original 6 joint configurations. This upgrade dramatically improves animation capabilities.
  • Players can use Xbox systems to play developed games.
  •  iOS version, available since 2012
  • Beginning in 2017,  character toys are available through Jazwares. Each toy resembles a Lego character with interchangeable clothing, tools and body parts.
  • Parents can use the chat control option to close all chat venues. This is an important control feature for most parents. They can moderate their child’s experience on Roblox and feel secure that any interaction between other gamers is monitored closely.
  • There are also automatic under age -13 triggers for all Roblox chat boards. Children who are less than 13 can be limited to these chat venues using the parental controls. However, the Roblox platform automatically restricts certain words to help protect young children.
  • There is a visible age feature so parents so all children are permitted access to the age environment, which is set by the parental control feature. Age settings are predetermined through the access controls.
  • There is a moderation team, focused on maintaining this central idea of a family-friendly environment. Trained monitors are always live and they will not permit disruptive or unacceptable behavior.
  • There is an assortment of special plug-ins, which game developers can use to easily create exclusive in-game features.
  • Skilled game developers have direct access to the Lua language. This opens up all kinds of options to build radically ingenious game environments.
  • Users can port all games to a PlayStation4. This expands the gaming venues while giving members a chance to see how their games would look on an enhanced gaming console.
  • The software platform is compatible with Windows 10, which uses a standalone launch designed solely for Windows systems.
  • Roblox expanded the avatar capabilities with the R15 avatar system. This gives gamers 15 base choices, above the original six patterns. What is enhancement does is significantly upgrade the different possibilities game designers can use in their animations.
  • Roblox has what is called the white list. This is a safety feature for chat. It designates a series of acceptable words to help protect underage users. Older players use a different black list. There is always live moderation to stop derogatory comments immediately. The white list opens up Roblox to children under the age 13, assuring parents that their children will not be exposed to adult level conversations.
  • Games can be played using the Xbox gaming system. Similar to the PlayStation capabilities, this allows game developers to see how their games perform on different systems.
  • There are cool character toys obtainable through Jazwares. Every toy looks like a Lego character. There is interchangeable clothing, even body parts. Younger players have a lot of fun with all the amusing combinations that can be made.



Play one of hundreds of games available on the game. Find games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Apocalypse Rising and ESCAPE THE MINIONS!!. Talk live with your friends or keep tabs on who’s top rank with the on-screen leaderboard.


There are thousands of places to join in on, but you can be the creator too. Choose up to 6 starting templates and have up to 50 friends play at one time. There are no limits to how many giants sized places you can build.

What Are Robux?

Robux is the currency used in-game. Builders club member receive daily Robux to spend. Upgrade from free membership to Outrageous membership and receive up to $60 of Robux dollars daily.


Spend your dollars on shirts pants and place access. The better the membership, the better the incentive.

 Video Preview

In Summary

It’s Free! All you have to do is sign up for the free account. Gamers of all skill levels can converse with other gamers, play thousands of different games, or develop new game themselves. They offer different membership levels designed to help aspiring game developers reach for their dreams. The Roblox team is dedicated to fostering a family-friendly learning environment as a priority objective, and it’s easy to see why it has become the most popular game development platform in the world.



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Date added2017-04-04

AuthorROBLOX Corporation


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