Roblox Updates 2014

Roblox Updates 2014

Get Roblox Updates 2014

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Get Roblox Updates 2014

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Roblox Updates 2014

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Author:ROBLOX Inc.

Latest Version:Roblox Updates 2014

Date added:2017-08-21

Roblox Updates 2014

The Roblox updates of 2014 was the first major update that changed the face of Roblox for good. With 4.8 million active users a month Roblox is growing to be the number one cloud based game in North America. Because of this, the development team produced a whole new product that changed the look and overall feel of the online community game.

Roblox Becomes Explosive

Updates involved smoother Roblox textures and graphics making the game more responsive for the players. The development team wanted to create better effects by enhancing small particles but best of all explosions.

Roblox Mobile Access

The introduction into the mobile world made it possible for players to sign up with their cell phone and access game play via their phone. The Roblox mobile access update made it easier for everyone to join in on game play from their multi platform devices. SOme of those include iOS and Android.

An Even Safer, Safe Chat In The 2014 Update

New safe chat patches were created and updated in 2014. The patch would disable the user’s ability to use offensive words. The developers of Roblox felt that maintaining a safe environment was important because of the younger demographic playing on the system.

The safe patch was an ongoing headache and frustrations for users as the glitches out performed the existing patches. In an ongoing effort to please gamers and parents, Roblox moved to creating a different way about censoring. Developers moved over to a whitelist system that cut out whatever profanity made it to the list. The new whitelist  Roblox updates is an over all improvement and continue to get a thumbs up from Robloxians.

Roblox Updates 2014

Responsive Environment

In earlier game play pre-2014 the avatars would have issues responding to their surroundings. Some of these interactions would be avatars climbing other avatars as if they were ladders or becoming stuck at steps and backdrops.

 It’s The Beginning

The Roblox 2014 app was the introduction of a better system from its older predecessors. The game took a big turn for the better soon acquiring in total for the year over 65 million users in 2014.


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  • Roblox Update 2014 Screenshot
  • Roblox update 2014 Screenshot


Title Roblox Updates 2014

File nameRoblox.exe

File size50MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-08-21

AuthorROBLOX Inc.


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