RealPlayer with RealTimes

RealPlayer with RealTimes

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Get RealPlayer with RealTimes

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Author:RealNetworks, Inc.

Latest Version:RealTimes

Date added:2017-01-01

RealPlayer With RealTimes to Bring the Real Times to Real Life

RealPlayer With RealTimes

RealPlayer with RealTimes are two media-related platforms offered by RealNetworks. The media player works on a number of file formats and most computer operating systems. RealNetworks has integrated the media player with RealTimes, which allows users to expand their media creativity.

A Brief Look Back at RealPlayer

Originally named the RealAudio Player, RealPlayer has been providing users with media player software to stream media content, since 1995. Version 4.01 was the first to be included as an Internet tool choice for the Windows 98 package. The software has been known by a variety of names over the years, RealPlayer G2, RealOne Player, all offering a free basic version and paid Plus upgrades, which include additional specialized functions. Between 2007 and 2008, RealPlayer 11 was released for both Windows systems and Mac OS X.

In November 2011, RealPlayer version 15 opened up the opportunity for users to transfer their content from their PC to any mobile device, plus share videos and links to their social media accounts. The ability to download videos from popular sites such as YouTube was also included in later versions. Early in 2016, RealNetworks issued version 18 that included RealTimes, a new feature released the previous year.

It immediately improved the user experience by allowing them to blend their multimedia content into interesting collage-like presentations. All content could be stored and accessible from cloud storage. The new combination RealPlayer With RealTimes maintained all the useful features of the standard player, enhanced with tools such as RealTimes Stories™, the ability to make automatic video collages.

Features & Functions

  • Users can download videos to any device to save them for play offline.
  • Personal videos can gain that motion picture like touch by streaming them to a TV for a more enthralling viewing experience.
  • All videos using RealPlayer can be converted to play on any device, PC, phone, or tablet.
  • Blog is an outlet where users can learn tips and tricks for video and image sharing and creative presentations from experts.


RealPlayer With RealTimes users can download and convert any of the standard video and image formats using a simple user-friendly system.

  • Users can post directly to social media using the software, as well as share content instantly across email or SMS messaging.
  • There’s an equalizer and video controls for enhanced playback.
  • 32 content formats are supported by optional RealPlayer plugins.
  • Users can set a unique access PIN for each image to keep them private.


RealPlayer With RealTimes Plugins

  • Audio Enhancement – four audio enhancers to improve audio quality – DFX, iQfx, Volume Logic, Sanyo 3D Surround.
  • RealPlayer Skin Creators – There are two creative Skins Editors so users can convert different skins to their RealPlayer With RealTimes library.
  • Radio Tuners – There is a radio tuner, vTuner Plus, created just for RealPlayer
  • Firefox Browser Download – A Firefox plugin allows users to download video from a video player window to their RealPlayer library to share or save for viewing.
  • ScrobRealPlayer – The ScrobRealPlayer is an audio plugin that allows users to instantly link to the LastFM social music network.



Just about everyone takes photographs or shoots videos, but how they share them and save them can make a difference. RealPlayer With RealTimes allows users to be creative with their presentations, telling their own story using an assortment of useful features and plugins. Most of all, every precious image is preserved for a lifetime in the cloud, so they’ll never lose a cherished memory.

RealPlayer with RealTimes Video Preview


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  • RealPlayer with RealTimes Screenshot
  • RealPlayer with RealTimes Screenshot
  • RealPlayer with RealTimes Screenshot


Title RealPlayer with RealTimes

File nameRealPlayer.exe

File size100 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple languages


Date added2017-01-01

AuthorRealNetworks, Inc.


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