Philips Hue App

Philips Hue App

Get Philips Hue App

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Philips Hue App

Get Philips Hue App

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Philips Hue App

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Date added:2018-01-18

Philips Hue App

The Philips Hue App make your smart home brighter and more brilliant. Connect the Philips App to your iOS or Android mobile device including most Android and Apple Watches. The app is the perfect addition to your NEST smart home allowing you to bring your nest wherever you go. The Nest App smart products feature work with Google Home or Amazon Echo assistants. For example, here are a few things that make Philips Hue an important basic to every smart home.

Connect to

The Smart Learning Thermostat

The Philips Hue lighting system can connect to smart thermostats to enhance warm or cool locations in your home. In fact, the lighting adjusts itself to your heating and cooling algorithm.

Secure Alarm System

Connect your lighting system to your smart alarm system. Sync up your alarm to your lights so if the alarm is tripped the lights will automatically go off alarming you and the possible intruder.

Let Hue light your Smart Cameras

Your world is valuable and keeping an eye indoors and outdoors can give you a little more confidence when you are away. Your smart light features are valuable when securing your whole house.


Design your smart home with class and style.  Finally, Philips Hue works together with all smart home brands.


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  • philips hue Screenshot
  • philips hue Screenshot


Title Philips Hue

RequirementsiOS and Android

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-01-18



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