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WiFi Security – The Importance For a Secure VPN – Tips From Norton Security

Norton Wifi security

Norton’s top Wifi Security Tips

From time to time, you will connect to a Wi-Fi in a public place such as a hotel, library or an airplane. Most people are not aware of the risks that they expose themselves to by connecting to these networks. Some are aware of the issues concerning wifi security, but they do not know how to address them. However, Norton identifies different ways that users will be able to protect themselves.

 1. Use of Secure Settings

Providers will do their part to give you access to a secure VPN. However, hackers will always be able to identify the weakness in the wifi security and use the loopholes to get unauthorized access. The first thing that you should do to ensure your security is selecting the most secure settings on your device. There are two key things that you should check in the security settings.

i) Ensure any feature that will enable your device to connect to any network are turned off. It is because your device can connect to a vulnerable Wi-Fi network without your knowledge.

ii) Also, when you connect to a secure VPN, you should ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is off. It is because hackers can use the Bluetooth to gain access to your device.

 2. Norton Software Updates

After developing software, developers will test the application to ensure it has no loopholes that hackers can use to get unauthorized access and steal data. However, they even after a thorough scrutiny they may miss some points. They can come to identify them later after they release the software for use by the public. It is the reason why they develop updates to fix these issues. However, many people have the perception that updating the application is a waste of time. Also, some of these updates are huge, and some can view them as expensive to download. The result is the user remaining vulnerable.

Therefore, you should regularly check for updates, and as soon as you get aware there is one pending, you should download and install it as soon as possible.
Also, you can install security software like Norton WiFi to your device. Security software can detect suspicious software or processes running on your device. It can also recommend how best you can deal with the identified threats.

3. Using Strong Passwords

You can be sure of the security of the network that you have in your home. However, when traveling, you will need to use public Wi-Fi from one time to another. When using these networks, you may need to log into some of your accounts using sensitive information. An example is banking, email or social media accounts. Most hackers are after this sensitive data to use it for personal gains.

Therefore, when you start traveling, you should change the passwords to strong ones. Most people do not know the characteristics of a strong password. However, it is simple. A strong password contains different types of characters. They include numeric, lower and upper case letters and special characters such as the @ symbol. Also, they should be long, at least eight characters in length. If you find it difficult to generate passwords that meet this threshold, you can use third-party apps which will help you to accomplish this task. You can always revert to the original passwords that you were using when you get back home.

 4. Checking URLs

Sometimes a hacker can compromise websites. When a user visits the website, the hacker can get access to their sensitive information. One way that you can avoid this is by checking the URL of the websites that you visit. You should ensure that URL that shows on your web browser starts with ‘HTTPS.’ It is because some website’s URL starts with ‘HTTP.’ The one with ‘HTTPS’ is secure, the S stands for that, and it means that the communication between you and the server goes through an encryption process. Encryption makes it hard for a hacker to understand the information that you were transmitting or receiving from the server in case they get access to it. It will help in protecting any sensitive information about you.

 5. Avoiding the Use of Mobile Devices

You will risk getting hacked when you are using your device. You can avoid all these risks by not using your device in certain areas, for example, when you are traveling. However, if you cannot suspend the use of the device, you can avoid accessing accounts with sensitive information in areas where you are not sure of the network’s security.
Online security is becoming a major concern. However, there are simple ways which you can use to guarantee your security online. Most of these methods will not cost you a dime.



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