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Minecraft Forge 1.13 – What you Need to Know

About Minecraft Forge 1.13

Minecraft Forge 1.13 is a mod manager for Minecraft PC. This mod is essential for any avid fan of the PC version of the game. Furthermore, Minecraft Forge is easy to download but is also user-friendly and organizes your mods in one simple window. It makes life easier for the gamer. However, Minecraft Forge 1.13 is now for the mod developer as well.

Forge is an API tool for loading mods. in fact, Forge is a mod itself but is more of a tool for both the gamer and the developer.

The latest of Forge 1.13 is valuable to the developer as it automatically sorts out compatibility issues. Additionally, the Forge 1.13 creates a stable environment allowing mods to run together. Minecraft Forge 1.13 gives support for all modding files in Minecraft and is possibly the best update ever.

How to Install Minecraft Forge 1.13

The instructions below walks you through how to download Forge. Click here to download the Forge File. Then once your file is downloaded right click on the file and select to run as the as administrator.

Make sure Minecraft is open and has been running. Then, now that your Forge file is installed, a new profile will show in your dropdown. Finally, click on the new profile and forge will complete the setup.

Installing Mods

This is what Minecraft Forge 1.13 is all about. To download mods just go into your drop down click on the tab titled “mods”. From here you will see your library of mods show up. Choose the mods of your choice and download.


Forge 1.13 is a Minecraft modders fantasy come true. In fact, almost every new mod created today is compatible with forge because it becomes the middleman and makes life easier when moving from mod to mod.

Give the Forge a shot and let us know how it works for you in the comments below.


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