Magellan Content Manager

Magellan Content Manager

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Get Magellan Content Manager

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a third party site to get Magellan Content Manager

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Author:MiTAC International Corp.

Latest Version:200-0017-007

Date added:2017-10-18

Magellan Content Manager

Magellan Content Manager is a free to download management software developed by Magellan for Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as all Magellan supported devices.  Content Manager was developed to be the ultimate all-in-one companion to Magellan devices, handling everything from device updates to device management and more.

Magellan Content Manager Features

The Map Manager has an extensive suite of features aimed at guaranteeing the best Magellan product experience possible. Here’s a look at some of the features  Content Manager offers:

Plug In
Getting started with The Manager is as easy as turning your device on and plugging it into your computer via USB connection.

Easy Installation
Just download the software, install it, and you’re almost ready to go.

Easy Setup
Simply run the Magellan Content Manager software, follow the prompts provided, and set up your Magellan device.

Product Registration
Register your Magellan products quickly and easily. Registering will keep you up-to-date about about important updates and exclusive Magellan discounts.

Device Updates
Update Magellan device software, maps, and more all from within the Magellan Content Manager client, and with just one click.

Manual Backups
Magellan Content Manager comes bundled with backups of all paperwork that came with your Magellan device, including manuals, quick-start guides, and more.

Magellan Connect Activities
Upload planned activities to Magellan Content Manager for fast and easy access.

Magellan Support
Magellan offers full customer support for all Magellan products, including Magellan Content Manager.

…and many more.

The Bottom Line:
If you own a Magellan device, then this driver is the software for you. Because it comes straight from the manufacturer, the software is the ultimate free download for keeping your Magellan device up to date and running smoothly.




Title Magellan Content Manager

File name

File size

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-10-18

AuthorMiTAC International Corp.


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    Dennis Irwin

    your content manager sux! I have been trying to update, to no avail. Next time I will buy a Garmin, they are very user friendly

    James Egan

    Not able to get it loaded for my MAC

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