I am Bread

Author:Bossa Studios

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Date added:2018-02-01

I am Bread

Welcome to the epic culinary masterpiece of a video game; ‘I am Bread.’ Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a piece of bread? Well, probably not, but for the sake of argument let’s say you have. What sort of goals would you have? Or how about, what dangers would you face? How does bread even get from point A to point B? I’m sure we can agree on one thing though, It’s not easy being bread.

I am Bread follows the story of a brave little slice of bread on it’s crazy journey to becoming toast. That’s right, toast! After all, what bread in its right mind wouldn’t aspire to become toast? Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge your way through the unsuspecting human’s house. You will face a series of treacherous obstacles that may seem impossible at first, but with enough determination will be mastered.

Game Modes Include

Story Mode: This is where it all began. A simple story of one slice of bread, and its quest to become toast.

Cheese Hunt: Mmmmm. Cheese bread. Your mission, should you chose to accept it. Find and smother yourself with delicious cheese.

Bagle Race: Race against the clock in this exhilarating time challenge.

GoatBread Rampage: Inspired by the popular game; Goat Simulator. To sum up this game mode in one word, Chaos.

Zero-G: One small step for bread, one giant leap fro breadkind. Huston, we have a problem.

Free-play: Play as any of the unlocked, baked goods as you explore and experience the world through their eyes.

Team Fortress 2: A fun and challenging take on Team Fortress 2 including minigun and sticky mines.

Star Wars: A Star Wars inspired game mode with lasers!

Official Trailer

I am Bread supported platforms

You can enjoy I am Bread on the following gaming platforms:

PC and Mac supported operating systems through Steam.

PS4 available for purchase through the PlayStation Store.

Mobile iOS and Android through the AppStore and PlayStore


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Title I am Bread

File nameI am Bread

File size4.7 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-02-01

AuthorBossa Studios


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