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How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Learn How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Although the function is quite simple, many people still don’t know how to take a screenshot on a mac. In this article, we’ll cover the main ways you can accomplish this task while creating high-quality png screenshots on your mac. Before we jump into the instructions, make sure you have the latest version of macOS Mojave installed on your machine. Next, locate the Shift and Command key on your keyboard. These keys are essential in each of the following methods. Alright, let’s get started!

onscreen controls

Capture Entire Screen

In this first example, we’ll explain how to take a full-screenshot on your mac. This method will capture the entire screen area, including the dock and the top menu bar. Press and hold the Shift and Command key, while keeping those keys held down, hit the number 3 key. This will automatically capture your entire screen and drop the screenshot on your desktop. Again, that sequence is: Shift-Command-3

Capture Selected Portion

While the first method we covered is excellent for a full screenshot, this next example will show you how to capture a specific area on your screen. Most people will find this preferable to the first example. Alright, press and hold the Shift and Command key, and the same time hit the number 4 key, then release. Your cursor should now appear as a small crosshair. Once you click your mouse or trackpad, you will see the pixel dimensions under your crosshair. When you are happy with your selection, release, and your screenshot will drop onto your desktop. Here’s that sequence again: Shift-Command-4

Additionally, you can move your selected portion in this example. Follow the steps as described above, Shift-Command-4-click, then once you’ve chosen the dimensions you want to capture, press the space bar and drag your selected portion to the desired location on the screen. When you release, your screenshot automatically saves to your desktop.

Capture Selected Window

To capture only your selected window, follow this example. First, click on your desired window. Then, press and hold the Shift and Command key, as well as the number 4 and spacebar all at the same time. You will now see your selected window highlighted in blue. If you’ve chosen the wrong window, hit the escape button and start the steps over again. Lastly, hit the return key to take your snapshot.

More Onscreen Controls

If you are running the latest macOS Mojave version, there are some convenient new feature that you’ll want to know. While all of the methods described above still work, you can do even more with this shortcut. To access your onscreen control panel, press and hold the Shift + Command key, along with the number 5 key. You will now see the controls floating above your dock. Here, you can select between each of the screenshot types that we covered above and more.

take a screenshot

Record Entire Screen

Again, Shift-Command-5 will launch the onscreen controls. Chose the record entire screen option, then hit record. You are now recording all actions on your desktop. This feature is excellent for recording demonstration and tutorial videos

Record Selected Portion

You may not always want to record your entire screen. No problem, you can now record a portion of your screen by clicking on the Record Selected Portion. Next, you can resize and position the part you wish to record. When you’re happy with your selection, hit the record button.

Last but not least is your Options tab. Here you can reassign your preferred location to save your files, set a photo timer and more. We hope that this was somewhat informative and you now know how to take a screenshot on a mac. Stay tuned for more How-To articles. Thank for reading.


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