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How to Play Granny On PC

Get Granny On PC

Now you can play Granny on PC. Granny is the latest Horror Survival game from the developer DVloper. These developers are known to produce freaky scare you off your phone games such as the Forrest and Slendrina. However Granny wins the trophy for them in this genre. The game keeps you on your toes and never ceases to scare.

The Story

Granny locks you in her dark and dismal house. This house is far from your average grandmother’s decor. You won’t find fake silk flowers or crochet doilies. There is something more sinister about your Granny’s decor. You have to escape but you must take care.

Granny is far from deaf, in fact, she can hear really well so when you make your escape you need to be very quiet. This grandmother isn’t a happy camper if you wake her. Do so and the wrath of her evil will fall upon you.

New Additions

The latest update for this game includes touchups on graphics, an added scenes, new sounds and bug fixes. there have been over 233,136 downloads of this game already and the numbers keep growing.

How to Download and Play Granny on PC and Mac

Head over to our Bluestacks player download here. Follow the instructions on your PC for Bluestacks. Once Bluestacks is fully loaded on your computer, connect your Google Play or App Store Account. Finally, search for Granny and add it to your Bluesstacks library.












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