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How to Download Free RPG Games

How to Download Free RPG Games

RPG Maker wants you to download free RPG games. RPG maker has been a huge influence on independent game developers. The Platform has given creators the ability to design and build some of the most beautiful and in-depth games on the internet today. In fact, for the last 24 years, the platform has helped produce some of the top games on major platforms and consoles. However to celebrate the last successful 24 years they released two bundles that contain top RPG games created on their platform.

What’s in Bundle RPG Maker Bundle One

In the Search for Immortality

The Search for Mortality was developed in less than two weeks. The Developers Indrah and Fomar0153 created a dark and humor laced turn-based battle system. You will enjoy this short but sweet RPG with nothing but fun, fast-paced action.

Legionwood: The Tale of Two Swords

This old-school design takes you on a journey as the peasant Lann Northshire who finds himself thrown into conflict in a once peaceful world. Take part in 20 hours of gameplay that was created by Dark Gaija.

Star Stealing Prince

The Star Stealing Prince is built with beautiful graphics that compliment a well-written story. Follow a young prince that goes on an adventure to fix his families tainted past. Finally, on your quest, you will battle phantoms all in while saving the princess. Developed by Renove that is known for his acclaimed RPG games.

The Reconstruction

The Reconstruction follows the classic footsteps of retro RPGs like that of Link and final fantasy. This game pushed RPG maker to its limits by producing a full-bodied game with nearly 30 hours of gameplay. In addition, this turn-based game will leave you inspired and challenged.


Find Bundle One from RPG Maker here.

Get More

Download the second bundle here. In this bundle, you will get four extra games for free. In fact, these games are jam-packed professionally developed indie RPG games that if you were to purchase would cost easy over $100. Finally, if you are new to indie RPG development than we can’t recommend these free games enough.


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