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Author:Eek! Games, LLC

Latest Version:0.8.3 Public Release

Date added:2018-01-17

House Party the Game

House Party is not your typical Sims game and is intended for an adult audience. There are hundreds of games involved in the quest to amass points, eliminate opponents, or reach a pinnacle. There aren’t many games where the whole focus is to work party guests in an attempt to make a romantic connection. Well, that is the immediate objective for gamers as soon as they visit the House Party. The game is available on the Steam and contains adult situations, drinking and the use of adult language.

The House Party Game Narrative

The House Party game is an adult narrative that takes place at a party hosted by a character named Madison. Players do sneaky and underhanded things to try to “hookup” with a member of the opposite sex. The primary target is Madison’s sister Ashley. Madison actually proposes that the player hacks into her sister’s cell phone to swipe illicit photos. Once the player hacks access into the phone, the aim is to blackmail Ashley.



  • Players arrive at a house party and immediately must seek out their friend Derek. While Derek appears to be a nice person, facts will divulge a shadier side.
  • Derek tells players to mingle with guests and introduce themselves. This could involve tactless pickup lines spoken to the females or macho icebreakers to the male characters.
  • Each character has some uniquely quirky personal characteristics and it’s the player’s job to figure out which of these people are trustworthy.
  • The ultimate game strategy is to “hookup” by the end of the evening. This objective is blatantly obvious right from the initial conversation.
  • To reach this final goal, players need to impress the ladies. This can be accomplished by instigating mean pranks on other characters or securing some type of intoxicating party favor.
  • Each new pursuit is full a number of challenges. These can be as simple as sneaking booze for others or trying to avoid being labeled the Stereotypical Straightedge Guy™.
  • One quick way to score points with the ladies is to initiate fights between the guests. The trick is to stay out of the fight, but encourage other characters to look foolish in front of the opposite sex.
  • This theme occurs throughout various stages of gameplay. The strategy is to look cool by doing not so cool things, all in an effort to meet girls.



While the plot theme and game narrative might be objectionable to some, it has merit as a visually well-designed game. This game is definitely not rated for younger game players. It uses adult content, often pushing the level of accepted common decency. In all honesty, though, it is only a game.


Each of these nefarious pursuits takes place in a virtual world. If a gamer finds amusement in pursuing such fictional advances, then House Party presents a multitude of quirky party scenarios. Ultimately, the end objective really isn’t to score points but to actually score with the ladies.


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  • House Party the game Screenshot
  • House Party the game Screenshot
  • House Party the game Screenshot
  • House Party the game Screenshot
  • House Party the game Screenshot


Title House Party

File nameHouse-Party

File size

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-01-17

AuthorEek! Games, LLC


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