Hello Neighbor Alpha 1

Hello Neighbor Alpha 1


Latest Version:Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

Date added:2017-01-01

Hello Neighbor Alpha 1

Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 is the first of the Alpha builds and was released shortly after the initial Pre Alpha build. This version would introduce some new features both in the environment,  actions, and sounds. Minor tweaks can also be found gameplay with a few changes to the AI sequence of events.

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In the Alpha 1 build, there are some noticeable design changes. The Neighbor’s house is now multi-colored and has a rollercoaster-like track wrapping around the entire building, with a tram car that is not accessible.  The house has three floors which now has an elevator that the Neighbor uses to navigate between floors. One of the rooms on the second floor is flooded and guarded by a robotic shark and players must find a way to traverse the room without being caught.

Sound Elements

Some of the sounds were changed and some items were given sound for the first time. Still, no voice was introduced to the Neighbor character in this release. The front door was given its own unique sound effect for opening and closing. There is now unique sound for the TV and Radio and is now in English which replaced the Spanish announcer’s voice in the Pre Alpha build.

Gameplay Actions

A few modification have been made with regards to the controls and actions. Picking items up is the same, but now more items can be picked up. Some new items were also introduced in the build. Peaking around corners was removed from the game. The Neighbor can no longer chase the player in their own house, although the Neighbor does occasionally smash through the window and stand motionless.

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Title Hello Neighbor Alpha 1

File nameHello Neighbor Alpha 1.exe

File size666MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages

LicenseDRM Free

Date added2017-01-01



Previous Versions

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