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GTA5 Battle Royale Mod

GTA 5 Battle Royale Mod – Your Dreams Come True

The one and the only GTA5 mod master has created a GTA5 Battle Royale mod. His incredible mod turns the PC version into a single-player battle that resembles some of the best in Battle Royale.

According to Gamespot, The mod is built of 70 unique characters with weapons and vehicles. Additionally, the game is packed with over 50 unique abilities as well as players can configure their own characters weapons and abilities. For more information on this mod and more check out the Mod page here.

Will GTA5 get on the Battle Royale bandwagon too? BlackOps4 is definitely on the bandwagon but that doesn’t necessarily mean that GTA will anytime soon. However, the platform and maps are already there if Rockstar Games wants to duke it out in the arena. For the time being, if you want to mix your pleasures by trying this GTA5 Battle Royale mod.

Complex Control is a purely SinglePlayer mod coded in C# with high replayability and variety. Combining Roguelites and “Battleroyale” elements; it feels as though there’s always something new to experience every run.




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