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Author:GoPro Inc

Latest Version:V2.3

Date added:2017-04-04

GoPro Studio Download

Produce and Share Professional Grade Camera Footage Using GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio download is a simple image and video editing software developed by GoPro, Inc. It automatically imports and organizes all video and photographs from a GoPro camera. Users benefit from an easily understood platform of tools that allow them to present and share their videos and photographs like a professional.


GoPro Studio History


Nick Woodman founded the GoPro company in 2004 after much disappoint in his attempt to photographically capture an Australian surfing trip a couple years earlier. Like many novice photographers, he wanted a camera system and accompanying software, which would allow amateur photo enthusiasts to shoot like a pro. GoPro Studio was released in October 2014, as an editing platform for all camera footage shot by their customers.


GoPro Studio Download Features


  • Windows and Mac Systems – GoPro Studio works on any 64-bit Windows OS, from 7 through all newer versions. It also operates on Mac operating system 10.10.X or later.
  • Organize Images and Video Files – Once GoPro’s simple download process is complete, the GoPro importer will automatically bring all your GoPro photographs and videos into a blank GoPro Studio project.
  • Playback Controls – Each video can be played in isolated increments using the playback slider, or the play controls. This is a very useful feature when editing out bad or undesirable sections of a video. It’s like an old-fashioned film editor’s scissors with easy one-click, instantaneous results.
  • Trim Points – By using the playback slider, users are able to define a starting point and end point for any video segment. This makes it easy to eliminate unwanted sections of a video, blending everything to appear as one continuous video stream.
  • Sharing – GoPro users can create and share professional grade short video clips, or photo segments.
  • Time-Lapse Editing – GoPro software has an editing quick view to manipulate and edit time-lapse photography.
  • Graphical Enhancement – There is a user-friendly way to include different gauges on photographs and graphs to videos. It enables viewers to see how fast something happened, or how much distance was covered. This feature is extremely popular with action sports like skydiving, hang gliding and especially surfing.
  • Music Sync – With a couple easy clicks, users can synchronize their photographic displays and videos to music. With a little experience, GoPro users have the ability to coordinate dramatic background accompaniment to their video. This feature allows for a terrifically creative appearance, without the need for expensive, outside professional editing.
  • Exciting Templates – GoPro Studio has a number of exciting templates that produce professional grade photographs and video presentations without expert experience.
  • Quik – GoPro software is free, however users have the opportunity to add Quik. Quik provides an extensive library of audio soundtracks, plus a cloud to save all images and videos for view anywhere and at anytime.



People love to document their special events and exciting moments with photographs and video. GoPro Studio is a software option that allows them to easily save and edit these memories. Best of all, they’ll also be able to share a presentation that looks like it was produced by a photographic expert.

GoPro Studio Video Preview


  • GoPro Studio Free Download Screenshot
  • GoPro Studio Free Download Screenshot
  • GoPro Studio Free Download Screenshot
  • GoPro Studio Free Download Screenshot
  • GoPro Studio Free Download Screenshot


Title GoPro Studio

File nameGoPro Studio Setup

File size100 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-04-04

AuthorGoPro Inc


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