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Clicking the above link directs you to
the official site to get Google Earth

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Google Earth – Providing a Bird’s Eye View of Our World

Many years ago, geography classes and individuals who studied the earth’s topography invested in fancy globes. In June 2005, Google changed all that with the release of Google Earth. However, today, complete detail of earth landscapes and mountain ranges are retrieved via the geobrowser. The system pulls mapping from satellite imagery creating accurate topography and scalable imagery.


  • Free – This free version is available for home and personal use. Users are able to display satellite imagery, plus aerial topography. Google frequently expands the layers of mappable data, including now allowing the display of third-party applications.

Create new types of data and import specific GPS data across networks. Schools benefit tremendously from the free version. Each entity permitted to use the free version can take advantage of Geo

GeoEducation is available to educators with informative tips on using Maps, Sky and SketchUp in a classroom setting. Additionally, Universities and trade schools have free access if it is used for non-commercial reasons.

  • Pro – The Pro version is developed for commercial users plus has thecapability to make movies. However, It also permits the import of various ESRI shapefiles, along with other Map Information tabs and files. Pro could measure circles and polygons, plus print in high-resolution.

All features are detailed and fairly intricate for the novice map user. Furthermore, with a Google account and the license code GETFREE, users can explore the additional features for free.

  • Enterprise – There aren’t really any dramatic additions to the Enterprise version, other than generate the funds necessary to keep the project moving forward. Finally, It is the only version that does allow employees and staff members to share geospatial data across their network.

How Does it Work?

All three versions function as both a data reader and a format to create new data. Not to mention, Keyhole Markup Language (KML) format, which enables all users to create and share their data. However, It differs from Google Maps, which was developed with the priority objective of providing accurate driving directions.  Similarly, it opens up the whole spectrum of earthly topography, and extensive land and ocean documentation.


  • The program uses the digital elevation model (DEM) from data collected during the NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).
  • Users can add their own data and distinguish measurements on earth, such as buildings to farmlands.
  • Real-time traffic monitoring.
  • GPS tracking integration.
  • Version 9, released in April 2017, has an added feature called Voyager. On a portal page, users can take guided tours with earth scientists.
  • There is a plugin API allows users to incorporate individual maps into websites.
  • There is an outreach program that generates charitable donations to help non-profit projects.
  • Available for all Windows OS, Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or higher and Linux. There is even an iPhone version available that displays the same high graphic content available on desktop versions.


Google Earth has brought the earth’s topography into classrooms, offices and home living rooms. It’s like flying over the earth in a private space shuttle, the mouse and keyboard as the controls. You can use Version 5 to explore Mars deep space as well as liquid galaxies.

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  • Google Earth Free Download Screenshot
  • Google Earth Free Download Screenshot
  • Google Earth Free Download Screenshot
  • Google Earth Free Download Screenshot


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