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Goat Simulator

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Author: Coffee Stain Studios

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Date added:2016-12-05


Goat Simulator


The video game Goat Simulator has now been available for close to four years. An action game played from a third-person point of view, it can be played on Microsoft and Mac OS X, in addition to Linux systems. There are also mobile versions developed for iOS and Android devices. About a year after the initial formats were released, Double Eleven developed versions for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


The game is available on these platforms, plus through Google Play, Steam, and the Apple Store. To add a little intrigue to the legitimacy of the game, developers made the initial release in 2014 on April Fools’ Day. Early previews of the game ignited interest though. Coffee Stain Studios used slow-motion video of the goat crashing into a large building and then being blown sky-high from an exploding gas station.


Game Play


  • The game has attributes very similar to the skateboard themed games. Players manipulate goat that tries to wreak havoc on everything it comes in contact with. The ultimate goal of the goat is to do as much damage as possible during its adventures around the world.
  • Players explore the game’s virtual world. It is set in a suburban setting. The goat has the ability to lick, kick and smash all kinds of things. When the goat licks an object, it attaches to the item and the goat can drag it around.
  • Keeping with the skateboard game concept of players earning points for tricks, the goat uses trickery to smash things. Players can launch the goat through the air using a fan, or catapult off a trampoline to fly over impediments.
  • While there are a series of rewards for performing stunts, the goat’s primary objective is to grow larger. None of these objectives is required of the goat. They can stick to one solitary goal of destroying as much stuff as possible.
  • However, to generate rewards and earn points the goat needs to complete a set number of tricks while destroying certain things along the way. As the goat travels around the in-game environment, they will find miniature goat statues made of gold.
  • The more gold statues collected, the higher the level obtained. Earning these statues also allow players to restart the game. At each restart, players can choose to change goat’s design. Choices include a demon goat, giraffe, or ostrich.
  • During subsequent levels, players can uncover Easter eggs that are spread out in a sandbox. One of these eggs will allow the player to become the Queen of All Goats.
  • Astute players will also notice the subtle references made by the developer to purgatory. During the game, there are brief references to both Heaven and Hell.



Goat Simulator was originally going to be nothing more than a practical joke on the skater games of the period. The developers thought it would be amusing to propose a system similar to skateboarding games, but one in which a wild goat scored points by creating total destruction of the game arena.


Since the game was so similar to skateboard type games, it initially only generated lukewarm reviews within the gaming community. However, a game designed as a developer’s attempt at humor eventually produced a reasonably strong following. It earned an honorable mention award for Excellence in Audio at the 2015, Independent Game Festival. Even though certain critics came down hard on the game, it has remained popular with players.


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Title Goat Simulator

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RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2016-12-05

Author Coffee Stain Studios


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