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Author:Glarysoft Ltd.

Latest Version:Glary Utilities 5.77

Date added:2017-06-05

Glary Utilities Software For Optimal PC Performance

For a PC to operate well the user needs to keep the system running smoothly. To accomplish that objective it is imperative that they use adequate software designed to increase productivity by keeping the system clean and error-free. Glarysoft is a software developer focused on providing computer users with the tools to enhance their computing experience. One of their free products is a system cleaner and registry check called Glary Utilities.

What is Glary Utilities?

Glary Utilities is one of the software products offered free to PC owners who use Windows systems. It is a simple, user-friendly system, which allows users to perform regular maintenance on their system without the need for any extensive computer knowledge.

Glary Utilities is a practical and reliable way to improve computer performance, plus ensure personal and corporate security. Using Gary Utilities allows for a clean computer environment without the hassle of fixing problems and monitoring system performance. Computer users can enjoy using their systems for things they like without having to worry about replacing or upgrading their PC.

Glary Utilities Features

  • One-click maintenance option allows users to select exactly what they want scanned, plus eliminate things that they do not want to be part of the scan.
  • Glary Utilities has a useful feature called Windows boot time checker. It has an interface window centered on the monitor screen that checks the total time it takes for the PC to boot. This is an extremely useful option, which spots potential problems before they can damage the system.
  • The boot time checker will show a list of programs that may be responsible for delayed startup. Users can select from this list any programs that could be delayed to improve performance.
  • All-in-one setup so users do not need to install additional software to do specific things in an effort to maintain optimal PC performance.
  • Registry option to scan the PC before a reboot to notify, report and fix any potential threats to the system.
  • Quickly removes invalid registry entries, unnecessary temporary files and Internet traces. It swiftly sweeps away the junk that bogs down PCs and compromises efficiency. It allows users to inspect all designated problems, choose which ones to skip, plus keep a record of each cleaning to find possible mistakes.
  • Clears away designated Internet history to remove performance comprising tags and possible spyware threats.
  • Optimizes PC performance with a tool section, which allows users to check all software and programs installed on their system. There is a quick removal tool when unwanted items are discovered.
  • Clears away duplicate files and folders, searching for potential problems that might compromise PC performance.
  • Searches Windows systems for invalid registry entries. It will note invalid entries that compromise computer performance, plus offers a one-click fix for all issues found.
  • Gary Utilities Pro includes all the free features, plus some useful additions for more intricate needs like file encryption, file undelete and track eraser.
  • Capable of defragging the registry to free up disc space.



Glarysoft produces a number of highly recommended and user-friendly software options to enhance computer performance. It is a PC performance enhancer that reviews favorably when compared to commercially sold options. Glary Utilities is one of those options that will provide an optimal clean with a number of features to help ensure security.




Title Glary Utilities

File namegu5setup.exe

File size17 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-06-05

AuthorGlarysoft Ltd.


Previous Versions

Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities

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