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Latest Version:GARMIN Express

Date added:2017-04-05

Automatically Update Maps, Routes & Schedules Using Garmin Express

Using a map service is a convenient way to navigate. One of the problems with various mapping software is keeping the maps up to date. In fact, Garmin has the Garmin Express platform, which is a simple download and automatically updates all preset maps. Additionally, It can be programmed to send users alerts when there are new maps available and ready to install. Furthermore, It automatically keeps all maps fresh and accurate.

Garmin Express Features

  • Users can easily transfer all their favorite maps from one device to another. It is a simple one-click process.
  • Users can back up and restore addresses, routes and waypoints to their computer, that have been saved.
  • Convenient favorites that allow users to store hundreds of specific maps and favorite locations.
  • Simple transfer of data between computers and handheld devices.
  • The software works on both Microsoft and Mac computers.
  • It allows users to synchronize with Garmin Connect, to upload activity schedules.
  • Users simply connect their Garmin device to a computer and Garmin Express automatically transfers all data and updates currently saved maps.
  • The first time a device is synced using Garmin Express all routes over the last 30 days will be automatically retrieved. However, there is a code, which eliminates duplicate routes for user convenience. Additionally, if rides have had even minor modifications, both routes will be saved.
  • Convenient Devices Tab that allows users to easily access various user manuals. For example, an extras tab opens up custom voice commands and is capable of downloading information for vehicles.
  • Devices can be registered so users are made aware of important updates to their devices, or changes in their system.
  • The main program is an executable file – expressbootstrapper.exe – with the software containing two files that require only about 840 KB of available memory.
  • The current version is Garmin Express, the most recent in the series of freeware releases, none with any restrictions.


Steps to Enable Automatic Sync

  1. Download the Garmin Express software following the simple instructions.
  2. Sign in using a Garmin Connect account, or create a new user account.
  3. Start the Garmin Express and click the Add a Device tab.
  4. Once the device prompt appears, plug the device into the computer.
  5. When the device found appears, sign in or establish a new Garmin Express account.
  6. Give the account a nickname and finish the process.
  7. Users are given the option to become part of anonymous data collection, and then they are prompted to sync their devices, or use other tools and features. Users are also able to update the firmware on their device during this final stage.
  8. Devices can be disconnected to allow users to attach another device, by simply following the simple instructions within the edit profile section.



Garmin Express is an essential tool for people who rely on a Gamin device for navigation. Additionally, maps are automatically updated, schedules arranged, and data saved so they will never lose their valuable maps. Finally, it’s a useful tool, which takes the guesswork out of keeping up with map preferences and route changes.

Garmin Express Video Preview


  • Garmin Express Free Download Screenshot
  • Garmin Express Free Download Screenshot
  • Garmin Express Free Download Screenshot
  • Garmin Express Free Download Screenshot


Title Garmin Express

File nameGarmin.exe

File size20MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple languages


Date added2017-04-05



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    Marvin Ruffin

    I just recently purchased a Garmin Drive 6″. I can’t seem to get it registered, I have tried three different times and it stops me each time when I try to add a device. Please advise!


    @Marvin – Sorry to hear that you’re having some difficulties with your new Garmin. Honestly, the best advice I can give is to have a look at the dedicated support for Garmin devices.

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