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Game Dev Highlight – Sekip Games

Indie Game Dev Highlight Sekip Games

Sekip Games has a growing library of games, from Trump Space Invaders, Santa on Fire and Vegetables Sharks. His growing amount of games and creative genius are impressive in the gaming universe.

In just a short interview he shares his trials and tribulation plus some entrepreneurial insight into how to get things rolling as a game developer, art director and many of the other hats he must wear to produce top rated games on Google Play. We would like to thank Peter Sekera and Sekip Games for taking the time for this interview.

Sekip Games

Winner Bratislava Game Jam 2016 in category Attendee choice with organizors Matej and Ľubica Fandl (photo by Radovan Dranga)

Tell us a little bit about Peter Sekera and how you found your interest in game development?

Hello and thank you for having me. I come from Trnava, a town in Slovakia. As a little boy, I was very fond of drawing, creating cartoon animations and making creative things. From the very first time I got my first computer, I loved playing games.

For a certain period of my life, I played Counter-Strike Source professionally. So like the others developers, games brought me to game development. I made my first game when I was 15 years old when I discovered the software Game Maker. At that time, I did not know any programming language, but I liked Game Maker because I could create a very good game in a simple way.

Since then, I tried several programming languages, engines and frameworks. From native Java code, I ended up with Unity. I work alone and I go by the Nickname “Sekip” in the game developer community. That is the reason why I named my studio as Sekip Games. I made everything that you can find at Sekip Games, from art and codes and sound effects to name a few.

Sekip Games

Working on the Vegetables Sharks in a tea house

Out of all your games; what game was your favorite to work on and why?

My favorite game is Vegetables Sharks. I created this game during my study at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. I started working on the game in a tea house as a way to relax from many tedious tasks in school. I liked how the game had positive reactions from people. This game also won a design award.

Now, the game is still growing and gaining new players without any marketing. It is a small success for me and I’m proud of the result. Give Vegetables Sharks a try you will be very pleased with the game… I know that I am 🙂

Sekip Games

Playing VR game at Bratislava Game Jam 2017 (photo by Radovan Dranga)

From virtual reality to augmented reality; where do you think the future of gaming is going?

If I had to choose between them, AR certainly has a bigger future in my opinion. VR has many more loops for developers to jump through in order to develop games, in turn making it more expensive for players.

The initial cost to purchase a VR platform with special goggles and controls limits your audience. As a developer, you have to deal with more things like motion sickness, the health of the player, and so on. Many platforms for VR have restrictions and rules and won’t allow just anyone to make games for their devices. You must show some experience with careful intent and knowledge of the VR industry.

AR is more accessible for people and for developers because you only need your smartphone for example. However, the future is certainly in mobile games. Mobile devices are constantly more powerful and use cloud services and platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Sekip Games

With jury Lara Noujaim at Bratislava Game Jam 2016 (photo by Radovan Dranga)

What words of advice would you give to others looking for a career in game development?

If you want to be an indie game developer, you need a lot of patience and a lot of patience again. Numbers of games and indie games are growing fast, daily and it is hard to find players especially as an indie game developer. But I believe if you are doing your job well and you are not a quitter, you will find success with your game. I’m still trying to do that too.

If you are doing your job well and you are not a quitter, you will find success with your game.

-Peter Sekera

Where can people keep in touch with the latest news and updates on Peter Sekera and Sekip Games?

I will be very glad if you visit my usual social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or website. Here I add all the news and updates mostly. But if you are interested in how I make game art and more, do not forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. You can find all my games at my Google Play profile.


Google Play Profile




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