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Latest Version:2.0.3

Date added:2018-09-20

Gachaverse Studio RPG game download

The Gachaverse Studio

The Gachaverse Studio universe has expanded in this free to play RPG game. However, in this sequel, you must bring peace back into your Kingdome and it’s up to you and your Gacha Summoners. Additionally, players will travel the Gacha community and join thousands of anime online friends and share your stories. Finally, play online or offline with no wifi and save your experiences to share for later.

Gachaverse Studio Features

Gachaverse Studio Features feature one of the largest collection of anime costumes and accessories. However, players get access to hundreds of incredible backdrops that suite their scene. Finally, these features community features so you can share your scenes with friends.

Design your own Gacha Summoner

There are over 100 different anime characters to choose from. Furthermore, each character is designed for the player to add their own personality. In fact, the new Summoners continue the tradition of desireable Gacha cuteness, temper, and flare. Not to mention, dress your avatars up with an endless inventory of hairstyles, weapons accessories and latest anime costumes. As a matter of fact, each Summoner is a reflection of the player.

Create your own Studio

You are in command of your set and design. In fact, each background can be tweaked to your desired mood with added accent and accessories. Moreover, each backdrop that you create will help bring the feel and environment of your story. In fact, the game brings your anime world to life.

Record and Share

Create the perfect story with eight of your characters in the studio. Additionally, direct any scene with eight of your anime Gacha Summoners. Although, will your friends be celebrities, fall in love or gossip behind others backs. However, once you complete your story download and share with others in the Gachaverse Studio Universe.

If you don’t feel like building a story Gachaverse will build a story for you and your characters. However, every story is one of a kind and built specifically for you.


Gachaverse Studios is an early release with upcoming updates developed by Lunime. In addition,  future updates include gaming modes such as survival, arena, training, and challenges. Finally, fans of earlier Gacha games will pleasantly excited to play this long-awaited addition the online series of animated role-playing game and community.


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Title Gachaverse Studio

File nameGachaverse Studio

File size101MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-09-20



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