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Fortnite v3.3 Patch

Fortnite v3.3 Patch – New Remote Explosives and Supply Llama

Released on March 15, 2018, Fortnite v3.3 patch introduces some new features that are sure to go Boom! While it is true that the developers at Epic did, in fact, decide to can the smoke grenade, (which apparently got very little use anyways), they replaced it something even bigger and more Explosives. But first, we need to address the Llama in the room. The latest update introduces us to the Supply Llama. Yup, it’s a purple Llama. You will now find the Supply Llama in various places throughout the Battle Royale map.

Fortnite v3.3 Patch

Remote Explosives

With v3.3 comes the previously announced Remote Explosives. You will find this new weapon in, you guessed it, the Supply Llama! Of course, you will also find the C4 explosives in supply drops and treasure chests plus floor loot. The remote explosive is the perfect addition to any ambush or trap. Just set the C4 in the location of your choosing, find cover, and wait for your unsuspecting opponent to meet their maker.

Cross-Play & Cross-Progression for Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Epic Games announced that they were finalizing the much-anticipated cross-play and cross-progression as well as cross-purchase, between platforms mobile, console, and desktop. Well, the wait is over. With this update, you will now have the ability to log in on one device and continue on your mobile iOS. Support for Android users is slated for later this spring.

Limited Time Mode: Blitz

As announced earlier by Epic Games, the limited time mode Blitz will go live on Battle Royale on Monday, March the 19th. Get ready for a high paced and intense match. Matches are 15 minutes maximum so you can imagine how crazy things will get. The storm is coming!

New Questline – Luck of the Storm

Let the shenanigans begin! No update would be complete without some new additions to the ‘Save the World’ campaign. This St. Patrick’s themed Questline will uncover “treacherous treasures” and have you tracking “mythical creatures.” New quest rewards are available. Epic Leprechaun Survivor plus one of the following St. Patrick’s day Heroes.

Luck Demolisher Wildcat

Highland Warrior Wildcat

Battle Hound Jonesy

Luck of the Storm

For full details on the v3.3 patch notes check Epic Games website.


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