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Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass – Who Crashed the Party

Fortnite Season 4 Smacks Us From Outer Space

We all knew something was about to literally drop from the sky. Those weren’t just cool fireworks our mates were shooting into the sky. Fornite Season 4 has crash landed and smacked us in the face. I think we are all about to get a taste of some dinner from outer space.

Those comets we’ve been seeing overhead have finally crashed into our world. This means that Season 4 Battle pass is here sporting a much-needed refresh. Things were getting a little boring and we hope that Epic Games can make up for this. Get in on the Reddit conversation.


Battle Royale

Epic promises that there will be 100 more tiers plus crazy rewards, emotes and sprays. Is this enough to keep your interest or will every day be like groundhog day with a little dazzle?

They hint that if you go towards the meteor crater you will see glowing rocks. Additionally, if you consume these glowing nuggets you will experience anti-gravity. Hmm, does this mean you should consume this foreign glowing object?

Consequently, Do you remember, the movie Aliens? Nobody wants to give birth to crazy space spiders..not even if you are a pixel on the internet. In the meantime, This is much as they have revealed for Battle Royale.

Click here to find out all the minor details updated as of Today.

Save the World

Spitfire and Lok are investigating what craziness just hit the planet. They are recruiting a team to do some investigating on the matter. Do you have guts?

Killing enemies could mean more to you. When you destroy those nasty Husks they will drop a ton of loot. Expect building materials, ammo, crafting inventory to explode from these bad boys.

Find out more by clicking here.

There is More Than Just Fortnite

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