Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

Author:Epic Games

Latest Version:3.0.0

Date added:2017-07-25

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is an action-packed game with interesting characters and creatures that feels like a combination of Borderlands and Battlegrounds. A lot of care has been put into this game and the developers have clearly worked hard to make a fun and strange Minecraft type world to explore. Fortnite download has various different game modes in multiplayer and the PvP battle royale mode is an intense mashup where you and your friends can battle for survival against hundreds of other players.

The gameplay itself is a great mixture of a tower defense game, crossed with hoard mode, crossed with building mode and last sprinkled with zombies. The guns in the game are well balanced and the option to construct various protecting and weapons for you and your team brings an extra level of fun.

In summary Fortnite Battle Royale is a very fun game to play solo or with friends in a squad and it has a team of dedicated developers that seem eager to make this game great.


Get the Version That’s Right for You

Free Version – You get one giant map that allows for a 100 player person vs person madhouse. Test out your building skills and your destructive abilities.

Standard Version

Things get a little better in the Standard version. You are gifted one PInta pack, six daily Loot packs, and special in-game Banner Icons.

Delux Edition

Play like the warrior you are with this sweet deal. Tripple what you get in the Standard Pack plus ten XP packs, ten giftable XP packs and a boosted inventory. The Delux is loaded with kick-butt weapons and A hero pack that is out of this world.

Super Delux Edition

They call this the Super Delux Edition for a reason. This Pack is what Legends are made of. Fully loaded everything and early map pack exclusives. It doesn’t stop there you receive rare heroes that other versions or editions have. Feel a little beat upon? Don’t because you can call pon two exclusive in-game defenders.

Limited Edition

The limited edition is exactly what it sounds like. You get a legendary team of heroes with ninja-like movements or Militia destructiveness. You get it all plus 2 digital standard versions to give away. Feel like a king where you can giveth and taketh away.


What’s Inside the Fortnite Download

The Fortnite Download is a cornucopia for a gamers delight. Every season Epic games add more to guns, skins and together with fresh additions to the overall gameplay it’s like getting a new game each season. When you join in on the 100 players vs player competition you will need everything you can get to make sure you are the last player standing. Here is a short look at what you get with the Fortnight download.

When you sign up for free you initially start out with enough loot to get your career off the ground and on the way to becoming the ultimate player. If you are downloading for the first time you will get to choose from 60FPS, additional west coast servers and new weekly challenges.

The Starter Pack

Epic Games start you out with enough to more than just get by that is to say you get Precision Back Bling, Salute Emote, EVA Pickaxe. Every three months Epic Games updates their season with battle passes. The more you play the more V-Bucks you earn that you can consequently use toward in-game purchases and battle bundles. Each new season you need a determined amount of V-Buck to join in on Battle Packs or Bundles. Below are short summaries of what past and present bundles offer.

Battle Pass

Season 3 Battle Pass includes everything from Jetpacks to new and improved guns. There will also be safe landing spots on the Island as well as fresh music code-named Orchestra edition. Your online purchased just got better with new store items as well as the highly anticipated map update that in turn will in effect improve the overall gameplay.

Season 2 Battle Pass

Season 2 is what launched what is known as one of the biggest battle royale games on the market. The success of this game came quickly with appreciation internationally. The first season offered many products and daily challenges. In order to earn V-bucks or collect new battle passes these challenges must be accomplished.

Battle Bundle

The Battle Bundle Gives players a chance to skip the hard work and buy everything the battle pass has to offer by unlocking all 25 tiers for 40% off the purchase price. It’s fast and simple and you get to begin with everything at once.


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Title Fortnite - Battle Royale - Free Download

File nameFortnite Battle Royale

File size32.1 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-07-25

AuthorEpic Games


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