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Get Fitbit Connect

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Author:Fitbit, Inc

Latest Version:Fitbit Connect v2.0.1.6813

Date added:2017-05-24

Synchronizing Fitbit Devices Using Fitbit Connect

Data is the newest craze in the exercise and fitness world. Fitbit Connect is all about helping to simplify and expand user’s ability to monitor their fitness data. It is a simple software program, which allows any of the various Fitbit devices to be connected to a computer system, where the data can be recorded, shared and reviewed from anywhere.

What is Fitbit Connect

Fitbit developed a software program that users of their various fitness monitoring devices can use to connect and sync these devices to a computer system. It’s a simple download process that usually takes around 1-minute. There is little use of CPU resources and it requires very little memory. Once the synchronization process is complete, users can access their Fitbit data from any computer, simply by logging into their Fitbit accounts.

Fitbit Connect Tips

  • Once the Fitbit Connect download is complete, users can follow the simple online instructions. Mac users will open the .dmg file and those operating PCs, will run the .exe file from their downloads section.
  • If there is a problem finding the file, simply search for “Fitbit Connect”, and the correct file to download will be displayed.
  • Once the download is complete, a Fitbit Connect Main Menu will show on the monitor. Users need to choose ‘Set Up a New Fitbit Device’ to connect their Fitbit to the system.
  • To connect your Fitbit using the Fitbit Connect software, users must have a Fitbit Account. Users can either establish an account at this point, or sign in using existing account information.
  • Only one Fitbit Tracker can be matched to an account. There is a prompt asking if the user wishes to replace the existing device with a new tracker. Once the new tracker is connected, all existing data from the previous device is retained.
  • There is a section for providing very basic personal information, some of it required to establish a connection. Users are asked to select their Fitbit device, plug in the USB Sync Dongle, and then set the Fitbit near the computer; usually any spot less than 20-feet from the Dongle will work.
  • For a Force, One, or Zip Fitbit, a pairing number will display on the device. Enter this number in the textbox on the computer.
  • For a Fitbit Flex, the online instructions tell the user to rapidly tap the device and then confirm the correct vibration.
  • If there is a problem in synchronizing, it is not difficult to start the process over and repeat these steps. The whole synchronization process usually takes less than 60-seconds.


Fitbit Connect Features & System Requirements

  • Once the Fitbit device is connected to the system using Fitbit Connect, it implements a standard automatic run background controller service. This can be changed using the computer service manager, or Windows Task Scheduler.
  • With Task Scheduler, the program can be launched at preset times according to user preference.
  • All information is sent to the users Fitbit account and available using any Internet connection.
  • The Fitbit Connect.exe file uses on average less than 1% CPU and only about 1.4 MB of memory.
  • The software installer requires 4.01 MB of memory to execute the installation of 12 files.
  • Users can add an icon to the Windows notification area for quick access.



Fitbit Connect allows health-minded fitness enthusiasts to now synchronize and connect their monitoring devices to their computer. It makes analyzing and categorizing data fast and simple. Users with intermediate computer knowledge can transfer desired data to other programs. They can then produce graphs and additional analytical tools to help them monitor their fitness goals and reach their objectives.

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Title Fitbit Connect

File nameFitbitConnect.exe

File size33 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-05-24

AuthorFitbit, Inc


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