Fallout Shelter Tips - Cheats - Trainer

Fallout Shelter Tips - Cheats - Trainer

Get Fallout Shelter Tips - Cheats - Trainer

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Fallout Shelter Tips - Cheats - Trainer

Get Fallout Shelter Tips - Cheats - Trainer

Clicking the above link directs you to
a third party site to get Fallout Shelter Tips - Cheats - Trainer

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Fallout Shelter Tips – Cheats – Trainer

With this Fallout Shelter Tips – Cheats – Trainer, any novice Fallout gamer will become a pro in minutes. Earn extra XP or in-game perks by quickly learning the ropes before you even start. Learn tips and hints that will give you an advantage as well as follow supplemental content that updates you on current gameplay.

Introduction to Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is free to play, post-apocalyptic survival, strategy game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game was first introduced back in the June of 2015 and released for the iOS market, it was quickly followed up with the Android version later that summer.

The game had a very mixed reception at first, some praised it while others scoffed and criticized every aspect. Over all though, the game would prove to be a success and even reaching “most popular free app” status on the U.S. market. The overwhelming success of Fallout Shelter would pave the way for the upcoming release of the PC version as well as on Xbox One in early 2017.

Ever wanted to manage survivors of a nuclear apocalypse from the safety of your own Vault-Tec Certified Vault? Now you can do just that in the palm of your hand with the Fallout Shelter video game, available on iOS, Android, PC, and Steam Platform. This article will briefly describe some tips and tricks for early and sustained success in running your vault into the future, as well as introduce you to the Infinity App for Fallout Shelter Cheats.

Fallout Shelter Tips

One of the first and best activities to make your Vault-dwellers better is to send them to train and improve their stats. It may take a little time to get your inhabitants to SPECIAL level 70, but the faster you do, the better missions, quests and enemies they can take on. Sometimes in order to increase their levels, you have to build the right training facilities for various stats. Of all the stats available, make sure you prioritize Intelligence, Strength, and Endurance first. After you max these stats out, go for points in Luck and then the other three less useful stats. Once you acquire higher level dwellers it is a good idea to post some to the Vault door so they can protect the rest of the inhabitants.

Choosing the Right Location in Fallout Shelter

Of course having fully trained vault dwellers requires the use of specific, and often numerous, different training rooms. Not only is it important to choose the right type of rooms, it is also imperative that you remember that while most rooms can be destroyed or repurposed, living quarters cannot. SO finding a balance between the amount of people in your vault and the areas where they can train or make improvements is key. Also, don’t be afraid to upgrade your rooms as often as possible because when they are upgraded, they offer additional benefits and may make it easier to craft new items or train your people faster. Another big area of focus should be finding the right amount of storage for all the junk your vault dwellers will find on their escapades into the wild. Having an ample amount of storage room means it will take you longer to run out of supplies that you need to craft and resupply your Vault.

Fallout Shelter Cheats

While there aren’t actually very many known cheats in the actual game itself, there is a wonderful tool and mod for Fallout Shelter called the Infinity app. For those who either want to see the end game faster or simply want unlimited resources, the Infinity app has the tools you need to get it done and done quickly. From unlimited health and bottle caps, to max supplies and energy, there is nothing you can’t achieve with Infinity. Another great tool that is helpful in making the best dwellers you can is the instant level up cheat that allows you to maximize your dweller levels as fast as possible.

17 Fallout Shelter Cheats on Infinity

  • Unlimited Health

  • Unlimited Caps

  • Unlimited Nuka Cola

  • Unlimited RadAway

  • Unlimited StimPak

  • Max Electricity

  • Max Food

  • Max Water

  • Max Happiness

  • Max Stats

  • No Radiation

  • Instant Level Up

  • Max Storage Space

  • Super Speed

  • No Rat Infestation

  • No RUSH Failure

  • Freeze Lunch Boxes

Tips to Get You Started

Our team created a few tips that will help any fresh novice fallout shelter gamer master the gameplay in minutes. These Fallout Shelter cheats isn’t really cheating at all, they just help you conquer the finer rules of the game and speed up perks as well as earn extra XP sooner. We also include freshly updated tips for both PC and Mobile versions. Get those tips and trick here. Learn more what Bethesda is currently working on by clicking on this link.


These are just a few of the Fallout Shelter Tips – Cheats – Trainer Methods that are available and useful in-game and through the Infinity app. Using them will definitely increase the survivability and fun you will have in your Vault.

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