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Fallout Shelter Cheats- Tips to Get You Started

Start Strong With These Fallout Shelter Cheats

Just by simply playing the objectives can earn you free Fallout shelter caps and lunchboxes. That’s not enough to get you going. By Learning these simple Fallout Shelter Cheats overall Fallout gameplay will increase ultimately leaving you and your dwellers to live another day.

How to Redeem Fallout Shelter Perks

To redeem these perks click on the radio then you will see a small award looking icon where it will display all your current goals. As soon as you have completed an objective make sure you check them off as soon as you complete them. This way you stay current and receive the latest perk and subsequently boosts your abilities.

Earn More Dwellers

You always want to make sure that your population doesn’t explode to the point your resources are drained but you do want to have enough dwellers to keep your shelter running smoothly. Here are three ways of increasing a working population.

1. Invite wanderers into your shelter. You will experience random visits from people lost in the barren wasteland. The great thing about this is that they can immediately contribute to the shelter.

2. The more natural way of creating a population is by placing a man and a woman together so they can conceive a child and make a family. This is great but it does take some timing.

3.You may not want to wait around for your male and female workers to conceive children. So you can create a radio station to send out invitations to dwellers in the outside world. You can increase an already working team quickly with this method.

Send out Explorers

A dweller can easily get depressed creating friction within your shelter. The best way of dealing with this is by sending them out exploring for extra caps and XP. Keep an eye out for dwellers that have a strong endurance as the exploration will be more profitable.

Gear up your Dwellers

You wouldn’t want to go out in the snow with just a t-shirt so why would you send out your dweller unprepared for work or exploration. Make sure that your dwellers are well equipped to stand up to the environment as well as uniform code. This does have an overall impact on the life of your dweller as well as your overall gameplay.

Visit the Athletic Room

By visiting the athletic room you can easily speed up your dweller’s agility. This makes them better Dwellers by speeding them up so they can quickly defend the shelter from raiders. Unfortunately, this mode is only for the mobile version of the game.


These are really great tips to get you started on the game. Follow these simple Fallout Shelter Cheats and you will get off to a strong start. None the less the learning curve to this game comes easily and can be easy to master. If you have any other tips to add to this let us know in the comments and we will mention you and your tip on our social media platforms.

Click the link above to get your copy of Fallout Shelter and click here to sign up for the Fallout Shelter 76 Beta.


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