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Evolution Simulator

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Latest Version:2.0.3

Date added:2018-10-02

evolution simulator

Evolution Simulator

Build a creature and watch the evolution simulator morph in front of your eyes. Your creatures are built up of basic parts like muscles, joints, and bones. Take these parts and modify your creature by adding extra muscle and more. Furthermore, put your creation to the test and watch how it evolves in real-time with machine learning and a touch of artificial intelligence. However, not all creatures are perfect and they can mutate or deform as time goes on. In fact, it’s all about how well you build your creature in the first place. Finally, there is no objection to the game just simply create and see if your creature survives an evolution.

Evolution Simulator Gameplay

The features of evolution simulator are very simple and don’t require too much skill. You simply have to learn how to correctly add bones and joints. Players will quickly learn that just slapping on a new limb or manipulating the skeleton is that simple. First, you will want to choose one of five creatures. Then, choose if you want one of four actions such as Running or jumping. Next, take the skeleton and build upon it. Finally, once you are ready, click on evolve and watch what will happen as time moves forward.

Evolution Simulator Features

Evolution Simulator features 5 features that will help support the build of your creature. However, all these features rely on how well you connect them together. These features include Creature, Body parts, activity and evolution controls.


  • Frogger: This is a jumping frame built with muscles and joints can spring into action.
  • Hailer: The Hailer contracts its joints and allows the object to crawl across the ground.
  • Roo: Roo is a vertical jumper that can go high but can easily fall over from being unstable.
  • Spider: The Spider is exactly how it sounds and performs watch it learn to crawl with four or more legs.
  • Spring: This creature can spring vertically or horizontally. However, it is clumsy and needs a few more appendages.

Body Parts

  • Joint: The joint connects bones. Players will need this before connecting bones.
  • Bone: A skeleton is primarily built out of bones.
  • Muscle: The Muscle system is what enables your creature to move.


Actions are critical to how your creature evolves. In fact, this will determine overall movement and how their bones joints and muscles will develop. The movements will depict the outcome. Finally, you can pick between these actions, running, jumping, obstacle jumping, climbing.


Evolution Simulator is a simple yet fun way to experiment with skeletal movements. Furthermore, the simulator is a fun way to use a basic form of artificial intelligence to the test. With that in mind, players will enjoy the quirky but realistic display of the evolution of the skeletal movement.


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  • evolution simulator download Screenshot
  • evolution simulator download Screenshot


Title Evolution Simulator

File nameEvolution Simulator

File size24 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-10-02



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