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Author:Team DOTS

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Date added:2017-12-21

echoed world

Echoed World

You are Algiz, the alien architect of all living planets and the lead character of Echoed World. You are on a mission to find and regain your powers that have been stolen. Use the powers you have to manipulate the world around you. As you explore and travel the dying planets you will make sacrifices in hopes to bring these dying worlds back to life.

You will face challenging puzzles in a 2D dimension moving through ecosystems that are rapidly falling apart. You have no time to waste before you too die with the planets you had once created.

About the Game and Developers

Echoed World was created as a student project that took a life on its own. While many of the developers had no development background much of the talent shows i the hand painted detail in the backgrounds and creatures. The visual evolution of this game has created eye-catching creature including the protagonist Algiz.

The soundtrack is built around the mystery of the world and captivates the attention to detail the game has to offer.

The development team Team DOTS is based out of Slovakia. Team DOTS is a very small development team that is growing with the overwhelming interest of their handcrafted iconic game.

The Game was released Dec 4th, 2017 for multiple platforms. You can follow the Echoed World gaming community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Stay connected with ongoing updates on the social channels or read their developer’s blog

Why is Echoed World Free

The developers wanted to release this game for free so they could gather data and information. They hope to take the information and expand on this amazingly giant game. It’s simple, the more you play, the better feedback the development team gets.

The Bottom Line

Play and share this game with your friends. Help be a part of the development team and enjoy this creatively rich game.


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Title Echoed World

File nameechoed_world

File size128MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2017-12-21

AuthorTeam DOTS


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