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Cute Anime Girls of Gaming

Meet the Cute Anime Girls of Gaming

The Anime and Manga Universe is amazingly vast and so are the numbers of cute Anime girls. What’s amazing is that these anime girls have a growing number of followers and fans internationally. also, on many levels, people connect to these characters by their looks are personality. However, the girls listed below are ones that are popular in the gaming world such as Yandere and Doki Doki Literature Club.

Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is a horror game that simulates the mind of a stalker. Yandere-chan falls in love with a character young man named Senpai. However, other girls fall in love with Senpai and you feel the need to eliminate other girls who ever get in your way.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 

Amai Odayaka

Amai is a wonderful cook and baker. If she doesn’t cook up sweetness with you no one can. She is kind and definitely;y knows how to sweet talk you into sampling her sweet muffins.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 

Muja Kina

If there is anyone who will nurse your broken heart back to health it’s Muja. Her sweet caring personality mends wounds but also causes them with her clumsiness.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 

Oka Ruto

Watch out Oka will cast a spell on you. Her knowledge of the occult possesses you to transform into a monster in the evening. However, her energy is harmless but others see her as creepy.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 
Asu Rito

Asu is feisty but very friendly. Her easy going attitude and aptitude for sports knock everyone off their feet. This strong Anime character is probably one of everyone’s favorite.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki is an interactive visual novel that requires you to make decisions. Additionally, the game is filled with multiple characters that are more than your average Anime type. However, no matter how depressing the game is there are a few personalities that are a definite perk.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 


Monika has powers such as reality-warping that can replay a situation and make it work for her benefit. As a matter of fact, she is vegetarian but can cut herself short when it comes to friends.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 

Yuri has a dark edge to her with morbid interests. She can be a bit of a loner as well as a loose cannon. Uniquely, she has the ability to corner you into a dark corner but light up your heart.

 Cute Anime Girls of Gaming 


Who doesn’t love Sayori? She naturally wants to bring everyone together and for the well being of the world. She can create peace with a simple wink of her eye and her emotional savviness.


Let us know if we should add more of your favorite cute anime girls of gaming. However, these are a few of our favorite from two of our popular games. Finally, If you want to make your own Anime characters you can use Gacha Studio to create a personalized character. In fact, build one and share it with us and our fans.


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