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Author:StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.

Latest Version:Hotfix v1.1.4

Date added:2018-01-01

Cuphead ‘Don’t Deal with the Devil’

Cuphead is a fascinating new indie game, available since late September 2017. It falls under the category of run and gun, 2D platformer. Players will immediately notice the rubbery style arms and legs used by the developers. This style is reminiscent of cartoon animations used in the 1930s. StudioMDHR published the work, and the game is available on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms. Since its release date, there have been more than two million copies sold.

Game Play

The game narrative centers around a primary character named Cuphead. He has a brother named Mugman. These two battle a chain of boss figures because they owe a debt to the devil. The game takes place on Inkwell Isle where both Cuphead and his brother are two kids watched over by Elder Kettle.

The two boys defied the advice of Elder Kettle and decided to enter the Devil’s Casino to play a game of craps. They get one roll from snatching all the money in the casino, but Cuphead tosses snake eyes and craps out. The two begged for mercy and end up tied to a bad contract with the devil. Their journey takes them around the fictional island, battling soulless residents to try to win back their souls.

Game Play Features

  • Players can use a local, two-player mode to allow one player to be Cuphead and a partner to play as Mugman.
  • After they ink their fateful deal with the devil, the two main characters pay a visit to Elder Kettle where they receive a secret potion. Using the medicine gives them the ability to shoot blasts of fire from their fingers.
  • Once the pair of boys battles through a series of boss emesis to get their contracts back, they head back to the casino. To their dismay, they find that the casino manager, King Dice, won’t let them in.
  • King Dice lost his bet with the devil, wagering that Cuphead and Mugman could not complete their task.
  • After beating King Dice in a head-to-head confrontation, the brothers face a tough decision. The devil insists they relinquish their contracts and join his team of hoodlums.
  • This is a point where game players can make a choice. If they elect to join forces with the devil, he turns them into a pair of demonic latchkey kids.
  • Players who choose to decline the devil’s option must fight the devil himself. When they defeat the devil, they burn their contracts and race home to a heroic welcome for freeing all the debtors from the devil.


Cuphead has generated praise for artistic game style, blended with a challenging level of difficulty. Critical reviews have been outstanding, helping to boost the game’s commercial success. Since its nomination for the best independent video game at the 2016 E3 Game Critics Awards, it has continued to receive recognition from the gaming community. Cuphead won half the 18 awards it was nominated for in 2017 and has already garnered two more awards in 2018 stemming from its successful release less than four months ago.


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Title Cuphead

File nameCuphead

File size

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added2018-01-01

AuthorStudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.


Previous Versions

Cupdate - Patch v1.1.3

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