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Creative Destruction Cheats

Creatively Creative Destruction Cheats

Battle Royale is about building skills and it’s not like a side-scrolling game where you can simply cheat. However Creative Destruction cheats will give you simple strategies to help improve those skills. In fact, with crossplay gaming, others are finding out that they excel on mobile than on desktop gaming. Furthermore, this is raising a new generation of gamers that can defend and attack desktop players. Moreover, battle royale fans had doubted that this would actually happen within the genre. With this in mind, listed below are simple tips to help you along whether your game on mobile or desktop.

Creative Destruction Cheats: Land and Destroy

For a lot of noobs, many of them feel it’s safer to land farther away from any action. However, this is not true for all strategies and landing farther away can leave you in the open or in the direct line of fire. As a matter of fact, we suggest that you land where there is shelter and plan an attack. With this intention, Buildings gives you a better chance at collecting weapons, ammo as well as loot. On the negative side, other gamers are probably going to do this. That being said, arm yourself with a hefty, high damage short distance weapon. In general, short distance guns will give you a better defense when in close quarters.

Creative Destruction Cheats: Weapons

No matter how quirky Creative Destruction weapons are they react much like every other weapon. Not to mention these weapons all have different response times. Some short distance weapons give less damage but load quickly while others damage more but take forever to load. These have to be taken into consideration when beginning. Depending on what weapons you can collect will determine how quickly you succeed. However, to avoid this focus on the color ratings. For example, white is the weakest and gold being the strongest.

Creative Building

Most skilled players that have enough inventory will build and shoot anything that moves below. As a matter of fact, this is a great strategy but it won’t be something you will be able to do from the getgo. Keeping this in mind, your goal is to land wherever you can build up your inventory, hence landing near buildings. Notably, this will give you a blast of inventory since your weapons destroy everything in front of it. Not to mention the materials are going to be more solid than wood or brick.

Creative Strategy

These strategies will give you what’s necessary to crush the first wave of competitors. Finally, if you haven’t tried Creative Destruction than you are definitely missing out on some of the best action this year.


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