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Author:Dark Byte

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Date added:2017-06-01

An Introduction to Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a high-quality memory scanner, hex editor and debugger with open-source capabilities. It was created by Eric Heijnen – otherwise referred to as Dark Byte – for Windows Operating Systems. It’s mostly used to cheat within computer games and is often modified, then recompiled to evade detection. The program somewhat resembles the Memory Hacking Software, Art Money and TSearch products of L. Spiro.: It seeks values input by each user with many options that allow him or her to sort through a computer’s memory systems. Cheat Engine may also create stand-alone trainers that operate independently.

Cheat Engine Key Features

Cheat Engine may alter a process’s disassembled memory to give the user certain advantages, such as infinite health, extra time or ammunition. It also includes a few Direct-3D manipulation tools, allowing for X-ray vision and zooming in or out. With certain advanced configurations, the program may move your mouse to apply a texture to the center. This is often used when creating aimbots; its use within multiplayer games is highly discouraged.

The program can also inject codes into other processes; most antivirus programs spot it as a virus in turn. Certain versions avoid this false identification through limiting numerous features that rely heavily on code injection. This program uses techniques also found within Trojan rootkits to access certain parts of the system and is thus flagged as suspicious, especially when heuristic scanning is enabled in the antivirus program settings. Newer versions are unlikely to become blocked by antivirus programs; similar features similar to code injection may be used without problems.

Keep this in mind: Despite its popularity, the CE trainer maker hasn’t been updated since it was implemented in the 6.1 version. It’s also largely unsupported. Plus, users are emphasized to use Lua when generating trainers. The CE trainer maker itself employs Lua scripts when doing so.

Additional Information

In October 2016, version 6.6 was officially released. It contains several fixes: new scan functionalities, gui improvements, an Ultimap 2 add-on, stronger hotkeys and more programming options. It’s available for immediate download at If you experience bugs or have additional feedback, questions or suggestions, you may report them in the easy-to-use main site’s highly-popular forum page or by e-mail.

Other Product Benefits and Summary Analysis

Fixes in Cheat Engine 6.6

  • Fixed hotkey sounds
  • Fixed CF flag in Disassembler Stepping Mode
  • Fixed Windows 10 Kernel Mode Virtual Query Ex and DBVM
  • Fixed shortest assembler instructions
  • Fixed certain bugs within the break and trace
  • Fixed several Ansi-to-UTF8 incompatibilities that popped up from 6.5-6.5.1
  • Fixed stack-view not properly setting each color, and giving error messages when attempting to change colors
  • Fixed exe generator in adding either .sys files or .sig files to kernel functions
  • The disassembler no longer guesses if something’s a float code or not.
  • When using code finder, it’ll no longer show previous instruction steps if it is currently on a REP or MOVS instruction.


Cheat Engine 6.6 Video Tutorial




Title Cheat Engine

File name

File size

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages

LicenseOpen Source

Date added2017-06-01

AuthorDark Byte


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