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CCleaner is an award-winning system optimization software developed developed by Piriform Ltd, for use on PC Windows and Mac OS. CCleaner keeps systems free of all the tags and clutter that build up unnecessarily from surfing the Internet or using various programs and applications. While there are upgrades available for people who highly intricate options, the free version of CCleaner is all the broom most users need to keep their system performance in tip-top shape. If you are at all concerned with your computers performance or more importantly, your online browsing safety, then CCleaner is a highly recommended software.

CCleaner History

To remove any negative perception evolving from the original name, the developer shortened the name from Crap Cleaner, to simply CCleaner. The new name was more appealing, but the theory behind the task accomplished remains the same. It cleans the unnecessary gunk and junk out of a computer system to improve speed and performance.

Piriform launched the initial utility program as a freeware option for computer users all over the world. Their objective was to give people a way to keep unwanted files, especially the system compromising temporary Internet files, and malicious programs off their system.

Remove Junk Files and Increase Your Computer Speed

Invalid Windows registry entries and a bulk number of leftover files from browsing the Internet seriously compromise both computer performance and durability. The more stressed a hard drive is, the shorter its life span. Piriform gave users a way to sweep their system clean and guarantee they were operating at optimal performance levels.

Safely Clean Windows Registry

All computes have some form of built in registry. A registry is a database which stores hundreds of thousands of vital system settings and keys responsible for the proper functions of software applications, various system components, and the operating system itself. As a result of use, and as you install and uninstall software application your registry can become cluttered with errors and broken settings. Over time, the registry gets occupied with outdated or corrupt entries that can cause your computer system to malfunction leading to freezes or crashes. CCleaner has a patented registry cleaner that will safely perform a registry cleanup and repair, and tune up your system settings to make your computer more stable.

CCleaner Features


  • Application Control – Users have the ability to designate specific system components to clean, plus select different aspects of their browsing experience to erase. There are advanced features that clean applications, utilities and multimedia software.
  • Complete Registry Control – Users have the ability to selectively search for problems, and then pick which ones they want to have removed.
  • Delete Selected Files – Another beneficial aspect of individual user preference is when users sweep their Internet cache clean. CCleaner allows for a number of personal choices.

Users can elect to wipe their entire Internet browsing experience, across every browser opened, or select certain things to bypass. This means that passwords and search history can be saved for a future session, or removed to ensure privacy if necessary.


  • Tool Box – Listed under the tool icon, CCleaner has a simple one-click list of every program and software used on a computer. Users are able to check this list periodically to look for unusual new items, or uninstall something when they no longer have a use for it. After something is uninstalled, invalid codes are frequently left behind and the CCleaner registry cleaner will find them and clean them with a click.
  • Individual Tools – Besides a complete list of programs and the publisher name with system usage data, the tool icon checks for browser plugins, finds duplicate files, plus has a disk analyzer and drive wiper.

Each tool section on CCleaner also gives users a list of the most recent restore points after updates have been made to their operating system. Each CCleaner tool window also provides the option of checking what programs activate automatically at startup. Users can research scheduled tasks and monitor schedules and menus to make their startup more efficient.


  • Active X and Class Issues – One of the biggest frustrations users have are problems involving Active X issues. CCleaner pulls them out during a registry sweep so that users can inspect their viable usefulness.

One excellent feature of CCleaner is the ability to save the entire registry to a data file before sweeping it clean. That way, if something is removed and turns out to be a necessary item for proper computer function, it can be reloaded.


  • Update Notifications – Users are able to select an automatic update schedule, or be notified when updates to CCleaner are made available from Piriform. This allows users to handle their updates in their own manner, plus is a nice show of credibility by Piriform.

Increased Browser Safety

Computers have come a long ways in recent years and have become a major part of our everyday use. From Email to Online shopping, we spend a substantial amount of time on our computers browsing the web. Many of the web sites we visit daily will store a small piece of data on in your web browser and hard drive, known a Cookies. Cookies track your use and actions such as, where you or what pages you view. These Cookies are often used to tailor your experience on the web sites and provide the web sites with a small amount of information in return. This in itself ids not really an negative function as it often saves you time an dasstis the web sites in remembering your individual preferences. The downside is, this data can be intercepted by people who wish to use that information in malicious ways. Your personal data should always be protected while online. CCleaner wipes away your browser search history and cookies so any Internet browsing you do remain confidential and your online identity remains anonymous and protected.

Faster Startup

There are many programs that operate behind the scenes on your computer. Some of these programs can even be set as a default to launch everything your computer starts up. When your computer boots up, the system has to scan these startup programs for errors and invalid keys. This can greatly increase the startup and booting time of your computer. CCleaner will take care of those errors and disable unneeded programs to help you start your computer faster.



CCleaner by Piriform is the perfect download for users who aspire to keep a clean and efficient operating system. They offer remarkable user control, with features that many system cleaners do not provide.


It is an organized window, employing a user-friendly interface. If a computer owner wants to take control of the cleanliness of their machine, they add the CCleaner for a clean sweep of the crap that bogs down their computer.

CCleaner Cloud Video Preview


  • CC Cleaner Free 2017 Screenshot
  • CC Cleaner Free 2017 Screenshot
  • CC Cleaner Free 2017 Screenshot
  • CC Cleaner Free 2017 Screenshot


Title CCleaner

File nameCCleaner

File size10 MB

RequirementsWindows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

LanguagesMultiple Languages


Date added30.03.2017

AuthorPiriform Ltd


Previous Versions

CCleaner 5.28.6005
CCleaner 5.27.5976
CCleaner 5.26.5937
CCleaner 5.25.5902
CCleaner 5.24.5841

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