Media Player

What is a Media Player?

Simply put, a Media Player is the term given to computer software that can open and play any Multi-Media file.

Chances are you already use some form of Media Player on your laptop or desktop computer. These days, most operating systems come with at least one built-in. That said, there is a considerable demand for third-party software solutions.

We can agree that most players deliver, at a minimum, the ability to play various multimedia formats such as digital video and audio.

However, we may have differing opinions as to which is the best media player available today.

Choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming at times.

To determine the best media player for you, first, we need to understand what it is that you need the software to do. There is an extensive range of players that perform an array of different functions.

For example, while it is true that most media players are capable of playing videos, not all players are capable of streaming live content from the internet. Much in the same way that one media player may be able to play one type of media file and yet another cannot play the same format.

Your computer’s operating system can play a big part in choosing the appropriate player. Currently, several Media Players fall into the Cross-platform category.

To be considered genuinely cross-platform, software should have support for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Android mobile and iOS.

The following list of software is some of the most well known and trusted available today. We are continually expanding in this category as well as adding the current and updated version.

As new software becomes available, so to will our featured offers. Check back regularly for the latest in Media Players.


Download your favorite songs in seconds. Simply drag and drop the link from the video and it will simply download the song for you and it will also upload it...
27.2 MB
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VLC Media Player built for Mac
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Saavn Music & Radio - Get free, unlimited access to all the top music and popular artists. Download the free music app on Android, iOS and Windows mobile.
300 MB
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Get the popular ShowBox App for PC Download. Stream your favorite TV and Movie content on your PC for Free! Learn how to get ShowBox for PC here.
1.2 MB
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Install Adobe Flash Player and discover true HD content like never before. Get the latest free version of Adobe Flash Player here.
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Winamp is a customizable media player for the PC, Android and Mac. Get your latest version for easy to use playback of all audio files. Download today
73 MB
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RealPlayer with RealTimes is the ultimate media player, video sharing and content management system for your PC, Mac and Mobile device.
100 MB
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Kodi is a highly customizable, open source media player. With so many great features, has paved the way when it comes to entertainment software.
84 MB
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Windows Media Player is both a media player as well as a media library application developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system.
26.6 MB
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iTunes has become your one stop shop for everything from music, videos to apps and books. This feature-rich media player is truly an immersive experience.
200+ MB
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Arguably one of the most popular and most downloaded media player, VLC Media Player is trusted by millions to deliver high quality audio and video playback.
33 MB
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ShowBox App is a free download for Android operating systems. Stream movies and TV shows easily anytime for free! Download the latest version of ShowBox here.
42 MB
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