What is file transfer software?

File transfer is the movement of one or more files from one location to another. This type of software is a fast, safe and easy storage source for files of any size. There are a variety of programs you can purchase to make the transfer of files extremely simple. Most programs store files via a cloud service or website while others offer access through your mobile device. Some softwares provide a prefigured and fully customizable report that tracks all file movement and network activity. Others allow multiple users to access and share content from within and outside of their own organization allowing business-to-business (B2B) transaction.

What is the best file transfer software for me?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a program to transfer your files. How many devices will be using it? What about the number of people? Is it compatible with Mac and/or PCs? Will it work with the operating system you have? Can you receive a business discount? There is a wide range of file transfer programs available that suit a variety of needs. Make sure you consider these questions before committing to a specific software!

TomTom home is Free software to keep your TomTom device up to date.
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Magellan Content Manager is a free to download management software developed to be the ultimate all-in-one companion to Garmin devices.
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TeamViewer is leading the way when it comes to Remote Access. With an elegant design and well thought out features, TeamViewer has truly set the standard.
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With Google Drive, you can easily upload your files, save and share them with anyone, from anywhere. Get started with Google Drive now, for Free!
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Dropbox allows you to store and share pictures, video and docs of any size. Safely save and backup any size file from anywhere on desktop and mobile.
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FileZilla is one of the most popular free FTP clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. manage your files effortlessly with your websites server. Download free.
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